Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Five songs for the week of June 14th

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
You might know this song if you watch the new HBO show How To Make It In America, as it is its theme. It is instantly catchy and has a deliciously laid-back sound that's perfect for the Summer. Plus, it works very well live! (watch the video)

Sia - Be Good To Me
This is from Sia's awesome new album We Are Born, out June 21. I chose a song that wasn't one of those we already knew from her website. Plus it's a superb ballad just like Sia can make them. Hauntingly beautiful!

Kylie Minogue - Go Hard Or Go Home
This is the b-side from All The Lovers, and while it is clearly not Kylie's best track ever, it is still pretty enjoyable. And who wouldn't be happy with a new Kylie track anyway?!

Inna Modja - Mr. H
Prepare to get instantly charmed by this cute little pop song. I can tell you you'll be humming this one for quite some time, pretty much like me I guess...!

Alex Gardner - I'm Not Mad
I know this is old and has already -and very surprisingly-  flopped in the UK, but I just read that Alex was recently signed in France to AZ/Universal. This song IS a hit, it is fantastic and has to be huge somewhere. Why not in France?! (watch the video)

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