Thursday, June 03, 2010

Puss In Boots: first 3D music video ever // Awesome

Last week I was lucky enough to attend some kind of world premiere. Not the Sex and The City one, but far better. It was the first showing of a slightly original music video, since it was the first one to ever be shot in 3D. If you're familiar with this kind of movies (Avatar and stuff), you'll know what I'm talking about. I must admit I was a 3D virgin so I enjoyed the screening with excitement. 
The band in th video are French twosome Puss In Boots, a charming electro-rock act that certainly doesn't lack sexiness and good beats. The song for which the video was shot is called Here And Now Or Never and is a rather infectious number that reminded me of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' last album. Right, that's a pretty big and totally deserved compliment! Their first, eponymous EP is really good, I bet the next one is going to be even better. Can't wait to hear some new material anyway.
Below is the regular version of the video, but if you have 3D glasses at home, check the 3D version here. The result is less impressive than on a big cinema screen, but it's cool nonetheless. 

BTW, they're playing live in Paris on June 14 @ l'International.

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