Friday, June 04, 2010

Why The Scissor Sisters are going to be huge this year (at least on my iPod)

Wednesday, the amazing Scissor Sisters were in Paris for the taping of French TV show La Musicale. Being in attendance, I was lucky enough to hear 6 (SIX) new tracks from their upcoming album Night Work. Ok, I already knew Fire With Fire and Invisible Light, the latter being my favourite song of the year so far. But still, I think we heard half the new record. 
Let me tell you something: this album is going to be huge. From what I heard, I felt that it's an incredibly uplifting piece of work, full of cheerful and danceable songs. The band are back in top form and I like that very very much. 

Some additional facts:
- In one song, they sing "take me any which way you like it": Ok then
- Jake Shears looks absolutely stunning
- Ana Matronic looks absolutely stunning. I dig the Crazy Horse Dancer vs. pre-botox Dannii Minogue look A LOT
- At some point in song #4, they started running still. Amazing. 
- They have a robot-style routine during a robot-themed song. Fantastic.
- During Invisble Light Jake and Ana came offstage and DANCED with the audience. Yes that was unexpected, cool and exciting. 

Can't wait for June 28, when Night Work is released !! Or more precisely two weeks before that, when it leaks!!

Below are the band performing Fire With Fire on French TV Show Le Grand Journal. Look at Jake's eyes...

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Paul said...

quite literally amazemont :) It is a sterling piece of work - more comfortably numb than I don't feel like dancing :)