Monday, July 19, 2010

Five + four songs for the week of July 19th

Brandon Flowers - Crossfire
The Killers frontman is releasing his first solo album Flamingo in September (UK: 6th/US: 14th) and Crossfire is the first single off it. This subtle and catchy pop-rock track doesn't take Brandon too far from his band's sound but makes it a very enjoyable debut nonetheless for what is shaping up to be an exciting solo journey. Below is the video featuring none other than Charlize Theron.

I Blame Coco - Self Machine
Don't let the fact that she's Sting's daughter make you believe she's another underseving celebrity spawn who just wants to be famous. Coco has a real universe and this single (after the very good Caesar, featuring Robyn) is a total smash. It's got lots of energy and attitude and her fairly uncommon voice definitely makes her one to watch.

Lady Gaga - Reloaded
I just came across this not-so-new demo so I don't know much about it, except that it features Rodney Jerkins. Plus, it's way better than Alejandro. It should be enough for now.Is it? Is it not? There it is.

Sky Ferreira - One
And another solo-female-electro-pop-newcommer on the market! If you like Ellie Goulding and co. you might like Sky. This single is a nice summery pop bubble that fits the current trend perfectly. Now it remains to be seen if she can make it among the already fierce competition. Anyway, this one's all good!

The Knocks - Something I Can Dance To
This awesome twosome from New-York, who are signed to Neon Gold Records (one of the best labels out there), have made a name for themselves by doing awesome remixes for the likes of Marina, Ellie Goulding (also Neon Gold babies), Britney etc. I love how their remixes really add something to the songs while they remain very respectful of them. This single is a re-work of Alphabeat's DJ, and it's perfect. Head over to this page to download their own tracks (Blackout is amazing) as well as aforementioned remixes, legally and for free. A real treat! (Myspace, Twitter)

Girls Can't Catch - You're The Kinda Man + Mind It
So yes, the girls were dropped last week by their label Fascination. It's true they were lacking a litlle je-ne-sais-quoi to rival their labelmates Girls Aloud or The Saturdays but since the album leaked a few days ago, it's become clear that they should have been around a little longer. It is filled with fantastic pop songs, and the fact they will never be released while The Sat's awful Missing You gets a shot at the charts is beyond my understanding. Sometimes popdom is unfair.
GCC You're The Kinda Man by Itspop
GCC Mind It by Itspop

Lectro Lips - Sex Electric
Lectro Lips are a pop duo based in the UK. Their music is a sexy mix of pop and 80s electro that would probably have your grandma dance her ass off. Plus they seem to be very nice guys. They're having new music out in August but for now you can download some tracks from their blog and their Soundcloud page if you like it. I'm pretty sure you will.
Sex Electric by LectroLips


Tove Styrke - Million Pieces
This is a last minute addition thanks to the amazing Jessica (@poptastic on Twitter) who runs the equally awesome blog This Must be Pop. It seems that this girl was a competitor on the 2009 Swedish Idol show. Now she's ready to release her debut single, the absolutely fantastic Million Pieces. If Robyn and Lykke Li had a musical baby, maybe it would sound like this. And guess what, it was co-written by Lykke Li! I'll definitely keep an eye open for this girl and will let you know. For now, enjoy the song, and DANCE!


Tomas said...


Here is some useful links about Tove Styrke.
On the bottom of the page are links to her homepage, facebook and twitter. Not much there yet, though. More is coming. Maybe closer to her album release this fall.
This fansite has everything you need to know about Tove. It´s in Swedish, so use Google Translate.
Her channel on Youtube. The place to look for a video of Million Pieces.

Loïc - It's Pop! admin said...

Thanks for all the info Tomas!

Tomas said...

By the way, watch her extraordinary stage presence, here from Idol. She was 16 years old at the time (she is 17 now). She is going to be something very special.

Her first appearance in the finals:

Great personality:

Jazzý and sweet:

Tomas said...

Tove made her real debut on stage two days ago, 8 months since she lastly performed on Swedish Idol. She sings her debut single Million Pieces in front of 14.000 in the audience and 1.7 million viewers on TV. The acoustic arrangement of the electronic instruments could improve, but Tove must have the world´s greatest stage presence for a 17 year old debutant.

Loïc - It's Pop! admin said...

Thanks again for keeping me up to date with everything Tove!
I'll blog about her again soon.

Tomas said...

One interesting fact is that Allmusic Guide, one of the biggest music sites in the world, wrote " “Million Pieces,” is a stunningly good dance-pop song. Apart from Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”, it could be the best song to come out of any Idol anywhere."
Only the American Idols have had 275 number ones on the different Billboard lists. And they think Tove with Million Pieces is better.