Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Five Songs For The Week of July 5th

Lady Gaga vs. Marina And the Diamonds - Alejandro Is Not A Robot
Good mashups are rare, but this one is particularly awesome. Combining Gaga's so-so single with Marina's absolute genius track, and BAM! you have the mashup of the year!

Everything Everything - My KZ Ur BF (Clock Opera Remix)
This remix by the people behind the awesome reworking of Marina's Robot is just fantastic. You can download it on the wonderful Neon Gold blog. It kinda sounds like a Summer anthem to me. Doesn't it?

Scissor Sisters - Laura
I know most of you already know this song but I thought I'd post it anyway as a way to pay hommage to this absolutely incredible band whose concert in Paris last Sunday was the best I ever attended. And this song is a classic. Scissor Sisters: I worship you. 

Girls Can't Catch - L.E.S. Artistes
The band's album sampler that just leaked was full of promises for that band that never took off, despite having two awesome singles (Keep Your Head Up and Echo). They will probably never release anything else, but at least you can listen to their cover of Santigold's song. Pretty great. 

Massive Attack - Atlas Air
This beautiful song belongs to Heligoland, the album that was released earlier this year. With the heat wave we are currently experiencing, I thought this refreshing etheral electro track would be a perfect fit to cool things down a littl, or maybe make them even hotter...

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