Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Dragonette - Our Summer (Free Download)

Dragonette, one of my favourite bands ever is back with a little treat for fans in the shape of a new song to download for free. How nice. The tune is called Our Summer, and it is pretty different from anything they've done before. It's a very energizing song that's gonna have you jump up and down for sure. I'll happily play it at my next beach party.  
Our Summer is an early sign of the band's next release Mixin' To Thrill. It isn't a new album as such, but a collection of remixes from their latest record Fixin' To Thrill (you see what they did!). Among the remixes are three new song : Our Summer, Volcano and My Things (the studio version of track they sing in concert). Way to please the fans. Please also note that The Buffetlibre Remix of Easy will be on the album. It's a sufficient reason to buy it.

(Dragonette - Easy Bulleflibre Remix)

Head over to for more info on how awesome this band is.

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