Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is it a proper video? Is it a tour promo? Is it a"mini movie"? It's Goldfrapp's Believer

The image above is taken from some new Goldfrapp "video content" I just received with their newsletter. How nice of them! It's not presented as the video for the band's next single Believer, but I think it is. So in the newsletter's own words it is "a wonderful little film [...] a mix of all the shows and some backstage stuff." Spot-on description, Goldfrapp HQ, cause it's indeed a nice little movie which gives a taste of what the life on the road is like. Pretty much like Alphabeat's and Robyn's latest videos. I love to get that kind of videos 3 or 4 singles into an album campaign, you know, when the label says "ok guys you sold 465 albums because we pretty  much sucked at doing a proper campaign for your amazing record, now we don't have any budget left  cause it went on last week's office party, why don't you make a video yourself?" 
Anyway, the picture above shows you my Goldfrapp dream setlist. Dear Alison, can you play the exact same songs when you come to Paris in November (and maybe add Tip Toe & all the remaining songs from  Supernature) ? Thank you, love, L.


xolondon said...

What do you bet the show stays the same for Paris!? Would not surprise me at all. The opener needs to be better though.

Loïc - It's Pop! admin said...

It probably be the same but for ex their iTunes festival show was slightly different (they didn't play A&E which one of my favourites)... I agree the opener is odd, I would have thought of something bigger...