Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (video)

If I were Katy Perry and I had to shoot a video for the not-very-good follow-up single to my huge worldwide hit California Gurls, I'd hire a super cute male model and I'd do naughty stuff with him on a bed. Oh, I'd also have him get half-naked just because. This way people would focus more on  my video than on the actual song. Guess what? That's what she did.

Edit: Sorry, it seems the video is unable for embedding, as usual with the stoopids at EMI... I'll try to post it again ASAP if it's taken down again...

If you're feeling brave, you can watch Katy's performance at the Teen choice Awards here. But don't complain if you end up running round your house screaming "my eaaaaars my eaaaaars". Yes, it's painful.

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