Monday, August 09, 2010

New Alphabeat video: Heat Wave

My beloved Danish popsters from Alphabeat just posted their new video, for the smashing Heatwave. This is going to be the fourth single taken from their 90s dance music-infused great album The Beat Is... I love how the low-budget, let's-make-a-video-while-we're-on-tour video and let's-get-sponsored-by-a-huge-video-camera-brand-to-make-our-video-even-cheaper concept (which Robyn also pulled for her new single Hang With Me) makes a charming and smile-inducing treat for the fans. Hopefully this single will do better than the previous ones on the UK charts and shed some well-deserved light on this truly great band.


Carsten said...

Sounds nice!

Check out this sweet little interview at a small festival in DK...

Convert flac to mp3 said...

Alphabeth is a cool project! I've heard several song from them, I was literally blown away:)