Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Some songs for the week of August 2nd

White Arrows - Coming Or Going
These gentlemen are from the US and have a nice little summer song under their belts. Don't be surprised if you find yourself humming along to the tune after one listen... that's exactly what happened to me! You can grab the song and a remix below.

Coming Or Going (original)
Coming Or Going (RAC Remix)

I Am Arrows - Green Grass
This second "arrow"-named band was founded by Razorlight's former drummer Andy Burrows. Their single Green Grass is a delicious pop song with an instantly catchy melody. You can download some of the band's tunes on their website, in exchange for your e-mail address. Don't hesitate, it's all good. And the album is out on August 16th.

Dragonette - Volcano
I couldn't avoid telling you about a new Dragonette track, even more when it's that good! It's superpop, bouncy and has a killer chorus, as usual with that band. Once again, it's a total success or the band, and absolute pleasure for us.

Electric Lady Lab - You and Me
Hardcore scandipop fans might recognise the singer as the former front woman of excellent band Nu!. They had one amazing album back in 2003, that was unfortunately not followed by anything else. The twosome's ifrst single is built around a sample of Snap's Rhythm Is A Dancer and it's fair to say it's awesome. I hope we'll hear some more about these two really soon.

The Wanted - All Time Low
My UK readers probably know these five guys already, as their debut single is this week's UK number one song. I'm usually not a fan of boybands at all (I guess you know I prefer girlbands...), but I wanted to feature this song anyway. It's pretty unusual for a boyband, a bit like Girls Aloud's Biology was at the time, but it's working nonetheless. A really good pop song, which will hopefully be followed by a lot of other ones, just like the girls usualy do!

Kirsten Price - With Or Without You
 I wanted to make your mouth water a little with this. You can only hear a preview of the single for now, but I've been lucky to hear the full album (Brixton To Brooklyn), and I can tell you it's solid. Navigating from pure pop to rock and even more urban-flavoured sounds, Kirsten (who's not the pornstar of the same name as far as I know) has a bunch of enjoyable songs to offer. I'll post more music as soon as I can, but for now here are 30 sec of With Or Without You and if you like it, you can download the full song here! (limited time offer!)

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