Sunday, August 15, 2010

When a song gets better with another band: Lawson cover The Saturdays' Missing You.

(c) @MonsieurStef - awesome artwork maker and twittbuddy.
I you follow me on Twitter (here) you probably know that The SaturdaysMissing You isn't exactly my favourite song of the year. In fact I might have used the word "crapfest" to describe this boring, not-really-uptempo-not-really-a-ballad disappointing single. In fact I think the problem lies in the production. It wants to sound modern but it sounds awfully dated and cheesy. Frankie's vocals sure don't help either.
ANYWAY. Supercute UK band Lawson covered the song and posted it on YouTube, and guess what? They showed that with the right treatment, it actually is a great pop song. Ryan's subtle vocals along with the acoustic rendition make it really enjoyable and prove once again that music is the winner here, readers.

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You can hear The Sats' acoustic version here. It's not better in any way. Come on girls, now release Higher and all will be right in the world!


ailsabmusic said...

do you mean andys vocals? andy is the singer/guitarist, joel on lead guitar, ryan on bass and adam on drums/percussion x

Anonymous said...

Why aren't these guys hugely famous?

Loïc - It's Pop! admin said...

@ailsabmusic my mistake, thanks for correcting me :)

@Anonymous : maybe because they haven't really released anything yet?

Anonymous said...

they're amazing