Saturday, August 28, 2010

You can count on Gravitonas

I told you a few months ago that swedish duo Gravitonas were awesome thanks to only one song : Kites. You how it is. Sometimes a band has one killer song and that's it. That was something one could fear with those two guys. But fear not, reader. Their just-released 4-track EP The Hypnosis is fantastic. Their moody and sometimes a bit over dramatic songs have one quality that's too often missing from contemporary pop : it sounds heartfelt and consistent. So yes, the choruses are big, the beats are pumping, there's a choire at times, but overall you can't blame them for trying to produce some powerful and catchy songs.
My only advice would be that they tried to match their sonic energy and ambition with a more accessible visual universe, the Gravitonas "project" being still quite obscure. But maybe this EP is just a work in progress, and a little treat aimed at giving us something to chew on before more stuff is unveiled.
Anyway, Gravitonas can be seen as a more dancey counterpart to the UK's Hurts. Both bands share  strong universes and charismatic frontmen. Whereas Hurts are more influenced by the 80s and new-wave, Gravitonas seem to find more inspiration in the 90s' sound and its carefree feel-good sound.

I strongly encourage you to buy their music (here is a good place to go) and be won over by this very interesting and clever project while waiting for a proper album.

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