Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cheryl Cole Returns : the revenge of Malaria Queen (video).

Cheryl Cole's new single Promise This is probably one of the worst song I've heard this year. And that includes Missing You. Nothing works for me here. The beat is cheap, the verses are a rip-off of Cheryl's own Rain On Me, the Alouette thing is awful (and was already used way better by Mark Ronson 2 months ago and French popstar Zazie in 2007 on her track Des Rails), and whoever is responsible for this didn't even bother checking how the words were supposed to be pronounced. EPIC FAIL I say.

That being said, the video is rather nice, mainly because Cole herself looks gorgeous. As much as I'd like to enjoy this piece of pop music, I can't. It's all about Nadine Coyle's Insatiable anyway. Oh, and just to think Promise this will do better in the charts just makes me quiver with horror.

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