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Interview : Bright Light Bright Light

My dear friends from great French website Hall-Musique and I have been able to ask one of my (our) favourite new popstars Brigh Light Bright Light some questions. BLBL is Rod Thomas, a supertalented guy who's first single A New Word To Say was of huge quality. Now he's getting ready to launch his first proper release Love Part II through Popjustice newly-created label Popjustice Hi-Fi. As you would expect from that serious imprint, Rod's pop is of extremely high standards and his tracks can easily be classifed as "golden". You can get a free mp3 of the single's superb b-side Cry At Films, which features Scissor Sister Del Marquis. Read our interview after the jump and don't forget to follow Hall Musique and Bright Light Bright Light on Twitter : @hallmusique and @brightlightx2 (Website)

L'interview est disponible en français sur Hall-Musique.  

• Can you briefly introduce yourself in a few words for those of our readers who don't know you yet ?

I'm Rod, I'm from Wales, live in London and I make music as Bright Light Bright Light!

• You're signed to Virgin Records' new venture PopJustice HiFi which is basically a normal label but with someone who really cares about music running it. Do you see this as a good way to concile a solid business/marketing basis with a strong artistic value ?

I think it's a great model. It's a group of people who care very much, and have a fantastic attitude, with the backing of a recognised and respected label, so it's pretty much the best of both worlds I think. Lots of small labels in the UK act as "indie" branches of major labels, or singles clubs feeding into major labels, so it's great there is a pop music one too.

• Have you thought about the alternative of releasing you music on your own ? There are lots of internet tools that allow you to take total control of how your music is being sold (Bandcamp etc). What do you think about those alternatives ?

I in fact run my own label Self Raising Records, and have spent the last 3 years releasing my own music (I worked as a folk/pop artist under my own name) so I know about that yes (I release other bands too). I think it's amazing there are so many tools for people releasing their own music. So much more is possible now, but I'm incredibly (lucky and) happy to have such a fantastic team around me. I think there is a lot, but only so much, that you can do alone. Financially you get more from self promotion and releasing, but in my experience, a great team can help move things further and add really exciting ideas.

• Among others, you worked with Andy Chatterley. How did you two meet ? And how are the recording sessions going ? [Andy Chatterley is Nerina Pallot's husband and collaborator and is resposible with her for Aphrodite and Better Than Today on Kylie's latest album]
We met years ago when he ran Liveroom (an internet based gig streaming site). We kept in touch and then started to write and record together. We co-wrote 3 songs, and he mixed the rest of my album. The sessions went really well! They're still ongoing. The album is pretty much done, but we still work on new ideas as we work together really well. He's a great person and a very talented producer.

(A New Word To Say)

• What's your opinion concerning this massive revival of the caracteristical sounds of the 80's that are also wildly used, and not in the good way?

*I'm not entirely sure I understand the question but...* I think If you're referencing an era, or a style, you have to do it with genuine love. You can spot someone jumping on a bandwagon a mile away. The sound I've created for Bright Light Bright Light is more a homage to Depeche Mode, Yazoo, and early 90s. People have commented on 'Love Part II' as being "80s", but I don't feel like my album as a whole is 80s. The 90s is MUCH more my thing.

• Can you see an authentic regain of the 90's coming in the future ?

YES! The 90s is my favourite time in music. Tracks like 'Same Dream' on my album hark back to the time of Bizarre Inc, Inner City and K-Klass, I think there's something about the vibe of the 90s that really gets to people of my age group. When I DJ it's definitely 90s hits that people love the most. Something about the way the beats, bass and melodies worked really gets me, and seems to release this explosion of joy in people, at the nights I play at anyway! Stabby house piano is the key to my heart.

• Finally, some really quick questions :

If we looked into your IPod right now, what would we find ? Bjork, Ace of Base, James Yuill, Delorean, Gold Panda and a hundred Bright Light Bright Light demos to work on!

What is the last album you bought ? Grum - Heartbeats

If you had to pick an unknown artist to be your opening act, who would you choose and why ? EFFORT. I've only heard demos but they sounds great!

Your favorite song ever ? Bjork - Hyperballad. The most beautiful sentiment, and the most amazing production.

• If you had to briefly say something about :

Lady Gaga ? Applause for bringing "star" back to the term "popstar"
The Killers ? Great first album.
Marina & The Diamonds ? Works very hard and deserves success.
Britney Spears ?
She's released some of the best modern pop songs! 'Toxic' and 'Slave 4 U' are so good.
Florence + The Machine ? Amazing voice and songs but I can't bear the 'You Got The Love' cover.
Hurts ? As a pop outfit fantastic - great styling, great songs and great voice. Particularly the 'Confide In Me' cover.

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