Saturday, September 11, 2010

Interview : Kirsten Price

(Photo credit : Kevin Beaty)

Kirsten Price is a UK singer who's got a new album out called Brixton To Brooklyn. She came a bit out of nowhere for me, more precisely through an e-mail submission. I must say I'm happy I listened to the whole record because it is really enjoyable. Sonically it's a mix of various sounds and influences ranging from pop, rock and R&B. We got to ask Kirsten a few questions, read her answers after the jump and listen to the first single off the album, the epic With Or Without You.
Some of her anwsers are a little bit short and I would have loved to ask more things, but that's the problem with e-mail interviews : they're not conversations. So Kirsten, if you wanna chat some more, give me a call!

Can you introduce yourself to the readers of It's Pop! ?

My name is Kirsten Price, I am a British singer/writer/producer from London who has just delivered 2010's most delectable Pop/Rock album.

What has you musical journey been like so far ?

It has been a wild, slippery ride full of ups, downs, swings and roundabouts that doesn't look like it's going to get smoother any time soon..

Your album flips through different styles and moods. What was your intention during the writing & recording process ?

I was mostly experimenting to find out what I was capable of. I couldn't find anyone to work with who could execute my vision, so I did it myself. Commercial recording artists have for a long time felt forced into working in specific styles for specific niche markets. I wanted to display the range and depth of my output and show that you don't have to stuff yourself into an old school industry box to get people to enjoy your music. Individuals tastes are eclectic and so is my work.

Are you inspired by some other artists ? If so, who are they ? 

WAY too many to mention. I pretty much go for anything that has soul and makes me move.

Do people often mistake you for "the other Kirsten Price" ? [I discovered during my research on KP that there was the singer one and the pornstar one].

No. My boobs are real and my name is on my birth certificate.

How do you feel as a relatively "indie" artist in a heavily-changing business that can be very tough ?

I feel a strange tingling sensation in my toes. I am not sure where you are going with that. The framing of the question is confusing. That word "indie" artist is SOoo 1990's. All the old "major" labels have been operating on ever decreasing "indie" budgets and groping around in the dark for years. It is us "indies" that have been leading the way for quite some time now. Find a mainstream highly commercial pop album with this kind of substance and caliber being released rather than tossed out by a "major" label and I will eat my shorts.

Who's your latest musical crush ?

If you had to choose 1 artist, 1 album and one song to take on a desert island, what would they be ?

Is this a trick question? There is no electricity on a desert Island so I couldn't play it. Is it an mp3? I guess if it's a vinyl album I could just look at the cover, so I choose Prince, Purple Rain. He was just so sexy. Do I get a wind up gramophone with this question?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for introducing me to this artist. She's amazing... -JT

Loïc - It's Pop! admin said...

Glad you like her ! Her album is worth listening to !