Friday, September 03, 2010

It doesn't get any better than a new Kylie video

Hey, Goddess ! This is Kylie's new video for the second single of her near-perfect 11th album Aphrodite, the sexy Get Out Of My Way. It's visually splendid, yet simple, and fits the song perfectly. If the visuals are anything to go by for The 2011 Folies Tour, then' we're in for a big treat. Ok, I should add "as usual". Well done team Minogue, so far the Aphrodite campaign is great. Ok, I should add "for a change".

The single's out on September 27th with a whole package of remixes, but sadly no b-side. But maybe the lush and recently-leaked Jake Shears-written Change Your Mind can be counted as a b-side.

(Change Your Mind)

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