Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Nadine Coyle's debut solo single Insatiable

Nadine-Nuhdeen-Coyle's debut solo single premiered today. The Girls Aloud star (and unarguably best vocalist) has been recording tracks for her upcoming album for over a year now, fueling rumors of the band never getting back together, which I refuse to believe. In the meantime fellow GA member Cheryl Cole has had a +800k-selling and mostly underwhelming record, a huge european hit (Fight For This Love) and has firmly established herself as one of Britain's hottest property (thank you judging slot on the X Factor!). 

Given the rush and general lack of quality that surrounded formerly-Cole-now-Tweedy's solo release, I always thought that Nadine taking her time to craft a consistent and clever pop record was a good thing.  After all, Girls Aloud taking a longer break than expected will only make their comeback bigger, provided their is one someday. Having worked with some of the most talented producers/writers in the pop game, such a Robbie Williams former pen pal Guy Chambers and the man who brought us Madonna's Ray Of Light album and All Saints' Pure Shores William Orbit, it's highly probable that Nadine has managed to get some great songs for herself.

(This is Insatiable in all its glory)

Insatiable, the first single taken from the album of the same name is way more than the "decent" track I was expecting. In fact it's a powerful and modern-yet-not-bragging piece of pop music, with real intruments (including a brass section !!), a big chorus, some WOW moments and Nadine's strong and distinctive voice.
The track is clever precisely because it is not an instant smash, but a grower that takes a few listen to fully reveal itself. Not the kind of grower that never really grows but you want to believe will, because you know, it's The Saturdays/Britney/any sometimes-disappointing-popstar. It sounds great on first listen, and just gets better with each play. Girls Aloud wise, it is way closer to what they could have recorded (during the Out Of Control era maybe) than any of the poorly-produced generic R&B that filled 2/3 of Cheryl's LP (Rain On Me being the exception).
The only thing the track lacks is a real middle 8 to re-enforce the last minute of the song. Other than that, Insatiable makes a statement : Nadine is a credible solo popstar, not only the best singer of a great girlband. Hopefully this good impression will still be valid with the whole album. We'll see that when it leaks when it's released on November 8th.


xolondon said...

This is interesting, how much you love this. I literally never want to play it again! But I do like Nadine, so I am hoping for something good on this album.

Whatever, these girls solo will never equal their success together.

Andy from the Netherlands said...

Love it!!!

Worth the wait. My favorite girl out of the group. She is the real singer/artist.

Loïc - It's Pop! admin said...

@xolondon : I thought you'd like it! Were you expecting something different? Anyway it really got me excited for the album.

@Andy : yep she is!