Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Madonna leaks all over the place

Remember. The last time we spoke about the Madge, was when she released her greatest hits compilation Celebration. The two new tracks on there were not good (Celebration) and awfully desperate (Revolver). 
These past few days and pretty much out of nowhere, some new tracks from various eras were leaked. 

I'll pass on the semi-decent ones that understandably didn't make it on the albums they were destined to, but one of the bunch sounds absolutely great. It's the Timbaland-produced Animal, which was intended for the mostly-crap Hard Candy album but ended up on a shelf, cause you know, they had to make room for Spanish Lesson and Incredible. (*vomits*)

Thank God someone broke into the Madonna Vault and decided to give the fans what they want : decent pop songs from the (former?) Queen of Pop. Let's hope more unreleased tracks are coming our way so we can begin to think that Madge's latest musical era wasn't that much of a mistake.

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