Monday, October 18, 2010

[Album review] I Blame Coco - The Constant

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I takes some guts to take a stab at a musical career when your father has had is share of success (in the present case Sting, quite the hitmaker) and you don't especially look like Shakira. There's a risk you'll end up like Kelly Osbourne and people will feel sorry for you laugh at you. Unless you have some talent. Coco Sumner has plenty. The twenty year-old's debut record The Constant is in fact a triumph.

You have to have some respect for the girl. At an age when most people are still wondering  what they're going to do with their lives, she delivers an impressively mature-sounding record full of potential hits, instantly catchy melodies and obvious mastery.

Coco's deep voice and rather unsual style help creating something unique around her. Instead of tying to sound like the majority of the current music scene, she chose to throw a bit of everything into the mix. From the dancey and bouncy Ceasar (on which she had the good taste to invite Robyn), to the electro-rock Quicker (probably one of the best singles of 2010), to the reggae-infused No Smile and the darker The Constant, the whole album is like a great journey into the mind of a brilliant and inspired artist full of promises. Selfmachine and Party Bag also deliver in the hit department. In fact almost every song on here could be a single. 

I'm really sad the campaign has been so badly handled so far, with already four singles released in general indifference. That and the high quality of the album remind me of the amazing Marina and the Diamonds, who's well-deserved journey to stardom isn't going quite as smoothly as it should. There's no justice in Pop World, is there?

Undoubtedly, one of the albums of the year.

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