Sunday, October 03, 2010

Nadine Coyle feat. a microphone stand: it's the Insatiable video

The video for Nadine Coyle's terrific debut single Insatiable (read my review of the song here) has just landed, and it screams "HELLO POPSTAR!!" 

To be fair though it clearly lacks in the plot department, since all it displays is the Irish babe looking absolutely stunning with an oldfashioned microphone stand in hand while swaying around in a rather sexy manner some would call slutty.

So now we're only a month away from the single release, let's hope she uses this time wisely to promote the hell out of it. With the new Cheryl Cole project being released almost head-to-head with Nadine's, prepare yourself for endless comparisons and probably many fake tabloid feuds. But let me break it down for you : Cheryl's new record is not going to be any good (though it's likely that 3 songs will be OK). She's a superstar who sings, and Nadine is a singer.

Now roll the campaign, I can't wait to see how the single does. And Nadine, if you need a parachute, I'll catch you if you fall...


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Anonymous said...

Nadine looks gorgeous and sounds amazing but she just doesn't work alone performance-wise. Well said on the comparision with Cheryl though.