Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[INTERVIEW] Who the f*ck is Christian TV? (+ exclusive track)

"Pop music is a character"

I first told you about Christian TV a few months ago when I found out his single When She Turns 18 was absolutely awesome. Since then I'v tried to get him to answer a few questions for the blog. Which he eventually did. Too bad the answers are so short and (visibly) half-arsed most of the time. But hey, at least you can learn one thing or two! 

Christian TV just released a mixtape you can download for free HERE 

OH, and the fine guy also gave me a track for you to download : it's his take on Miike Snow's Animal, certainly one of my favourite songs of the past few years. Click HERE to get it.

Click below to read the interview.

Can you introduce yourself to the readers of It's Pop! ?
Hi, this is Christian TV (Ok, great... more here)

When & how did you start making music?
Starting using pro tools recording stuff at 12 and have been on it every since!! It's the industry standard!!

Who were your references growing up?
Prince, Radiohead, Fiona Apple, R. Kelly

Your music is rather sexy pop music, much like the kind of music female singers usually make. Is this your way of trying to beat female popstars at their own game? 
I'm just tryin to do me. I do what I feel.

You seem to be part of a new generation of young male pop singers (alongside Julian Perretta, Erik Hassle, Simon Curtis, Alex Gardner) who are very comfortable with making pure pop music (and not r&b or rock). Do you feel like you belong to this trend? If not, who do you feel closer to?
Im a brand not a trend heh heh. POP music will never be a trend, pop music is popular music people got it twisted when they think it's a style. You make your own style, your own characteristics, your own kind of music where personality shine, that's why the can only define it as pop music because it doesn't confine itself to any genre. It's a character.

What's the plan for the coming months (album, singles, tour etc)?
Just tryin to get as much people to hear my music as possible. To be heard around the world that is my goal! Pushing "When She Turns 18" right now as the single. Tour's being set up.

Who are you dream collaborations?
Nicki Minaj, get at me!

Who are the artists you're listening to at the moment?
Liking the new Arcade Fire

Of course I have to mention that: Britney recently said that she loved your song When She Turns 18. So in return, can you tell us what your favourite Britney song(s) is (are)?

If you had to choose your one favourite song and album of all time, what would they be? What do they mean to you?
Bets album would for me still have to be OK Computer for Radiohead it was just so influential to me at the time it inspired me to start making music forreal! Favorite song I would have to say is still "Nothing Gets Crossed Out" by Bright Eyes. The lyrics are unbelievable in the description of a quarter life crisis. I've definitely been through it and maybe still am going through.

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