Monday, November 22, 2010

Kylie just want tomorrow to be better than today (double video bill).

Kylie-TheUltimateGoddess-Minogue is getting ready to release the third single off her great eleventh album Aphrodite. Better Than Today is not necessarily the most instant track on the record, but it's clearly one of my favourites, so I'm fine with that choice. Following the disappointing chart placement of previous single Get Outta My Way, I'm afraid this campaign isn't going as smoothly as planned. Boo-ooh.

That being said, the video, though simple, is gorgeous (as is its star), with lots of colourful settings, costumes and screen projections. Nothing very original in this clip Kylie co-directed herself with BFF William Baker, but at least it makes this bouncy little pop song even more likeable.

OH, I almost forgot. That opportunistic duet Kylie did with rather awful UK R&B star Taio Cruz has a video too. Apart from showing a fiercely sexy Minogue, it's not very interesting. The song is ok though, isn't it? It should do well in the charts, so let's consider it a bright move in these troubled times for pure & good pop music.

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