Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Christina Aguilera: Not Myself Tonight SUPERHOT!!!

Not Myself Tonight is Christina Aguilera's new single. It's just awesome. Super hot. Sexy. Modern. Bitchy. Very Aguileresque. Thanks God she went on with the sound she developped on the new tracks from her Greatest Hits collection. It's a return in top form, just as Dirrty was eight years ago. Well done! Now I can't wait for Bionic, the album due out in a few weeks.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goldfrapp: Head First into pop Heaven

Some things in life are quite hard to understand. Among those things is why every human being isn’t a massive Goldfrapp fan. If you’re not, at least you have to love this band for being ballsy and awesome, always successfully re-inventing their image, sound and style in a unique and pretty fascinating way.
With their fifth studio album Head First, the band is back to a more electronic and disco-ish sound, closer to the one of Supernature than to the folky and ethereal Seventh Tree. And as much as I love the latter, I must admit that I love them a lot more when they’re in an up-beat mood. 
It's fair to say that with this rather short collection of only nine songs, Goldfrapp do not disappoint. The whole record is infused with sounds from the 80s, and if the first single Rocket satisfied your need for sexy vintage synths and massive choruses, you're in for a treat! Of course the countdown and actual rocket noises make the track even better! Then Believer and Alive, two other sonic bombs, follow, which helps you getting into the record straight away. Alive is a great choice for the second single, hopefully it will do better than Rocket , (wich peaked at an embarassing #47...). Then things get a little quieter, with Dreaming and Head First two supersexy songs which could easily become the soundtrack to your next intimate moment... Thankfully the next two songs give you the opportunity to show what you can do at a faster pace. First Shiny And Warm is (unintentionally?!) really funny because Allison is mumbling the words and makes it almost impossible to understand anything except the title. Then I Wanna Life, is another single-worthy track, very catchy and filled with positive vibes. Love it. The record comes to an end with the dreamy and almost instrumental Voicething (the only lyrics being sighs and oohs and mmhs). It's almost magical.
With this new record, Goldfrapp prove once again that they're one of the most interesting bands out there. Now hurry up and hit the "repeat button" before getting back to bed!

Kelis: Acapella (video). Features some feathers.

I told you about that awesome song Kelis had in store for us a few weeks ago. It is officially awesome, and so is the video. Enjoy.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Alizée returns with une Enfant Du Siècle, an unexpectedly good album

Before she turned into an electro-pop diva working with some of the hypest producers around, French singer Alizée used to be a bit dull. I mean, her first singer Moi…Lolita certainly was catchy and a delicious kind of guilty pleasure, but the rest of her early-years work wasn’t my cup of tea. I can’t help but feel embarrassed by the atrocious lyrics of J’en ai Marre (from her second album) or slightly perverted watching the video for Gourmandises. Paedophilia much?! Anyway. Despite a more credible third record (Psychédélices, released two years ago) written with prestigious French authors and her former Star Academy contestant ex-husband, her career was pretty much in a bad shape. In France at least, because Alizée is a superstar in Mexico, Japan, Russia etc.
Une Enfant Du Siècle, her fourth album is a welcome change in Alizée’s ten-year long career. She’s successfully leaving her teen-pop era behind by offering a daring record made of chilled, ethereal and sometimes bouncy electro-pop. First single Les Collines (sung in French and English) is a real grower and a pretty classy piece of pop. Limelight, once a buzz track, is among the most enjoyable stuff here, as are Grand Central and A Coeur Fendre, the most up-beat songs on the record. Too bad there aren’t one or two more like these to make the album slightly more accessible to a wider audience. What Une Enfant Du Siècle lacks is a big pop track the guys from French band TTC (who produced some songs) could easily have brought. But at least the whole project sounds very consistent and well-crafted. Factory Girl or La Candida are beautifully built, giving the singer’s fragile voice a nice and comforting setting. The only let-down is the opening track Eden Eden which sounds like the soundtrack to a cheap porn movie. Mes Fantômes sounds like a great conclusion for this short-yet-never-boring album.

Let’s just say that this record is surprisingly good fresh, a real surprise coming from a singer that many thought was not capable of much more than bubbly pop. It just shows that she just needed to find the right people to work with. Re-invented as a fashionable electro artist, she might only be at the beginning of a promising new career…

This is the video for Les Collines:

Listen to the album!
Découvrez la playlist Alizée avec Alizée

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two good B-Sides from long ago (Cheryl/Robbie)

Cheryl Cole - Just Let Me Go (B-Side to Parachute)
Not awesome, but good nonetheless. Anyway better than 50% of the album.

Robbie Williams - Elastik (B-Side to Morning Sun)
Funky and catchy. WAY better than the actual single.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Simon Curtis : 8Bit Heart -> SOMEONE SIGN THIS GUY ASAP!!!

The pop blogosphere has been abuzz this past week because Simon Curtis released his album 8Bit Heart for free. And when I say "released his album for free", what I really mean is "unleashed the best piece of male pop of the past 12 months for FREE. NO MONEY!!!".
8Bit Heart is built around the quest of a robot who wants to find love, or something like that. But most importantly, it's the most consistent collection of electro-pop I've been given to hear since err... The Fame Monster. It's ambitious, almost always living up to the hype, and you can hear that everything on here has been well-thought by a boy who certainly has the X Factor. All he needs now is a label to sign him, which should happen quite soon provided there still are some ballsy and clever A&Rs around. Anyway, with the right amount of marketing backed by an honest and motivated label should take Simon to the top spheres of the pop kingdom. 

My favourite songs:
- 8Bit Heart: almost an electro ballad, building up until it explodes in a falsettofest. And not an irritating Mika-like falsettofest. Splendid.
- Beat Drop: it samples a Mozart opera. It references Bad Romance. It is amazing.
- Super Psycho Love: hauntingly awesome. Great chorus.

The rest is pretty great too. It could have done without the sometimes cringe-worthy spoken interludes. Remind me of Janet Jackson's on The Velvet Rope. Other than that: two thumbs up Mr. Curtis!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dragonette - Easy (video): I'm in love, ooh.

Dragonette: EASY music video

Dragonette | Clips vidéo MySpace

They're probably my favourite band right now. They're awesome. This song is pure genius, although it might sound simple on first listen. I simply love Dragonette. You should too. Period.
If you haven't already, check out their terrific second album Fixin To Thrill, it's probably one of the best pop records of the last two years.

Here's a video I did with Martina when I met her in November '09. Totally forgot to upload it. Never found time to upload it. It's short and cute. Just like Martina. One day, I'll also post the nice chat we had. Although you can't really hear anything.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sophie Ellis Bextor offers Bittersweet, one of the best songs of 2010 so far

If you follow me on Twitter (which you should do by clicking here!), you're aware of my unconditional love for Sophie Ellis Bextor, one of the UK's best popstars, if not the best. One year after releasing Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer), which clearly didn't get the success it deserved, she's back with the über-awesome Bittersweet. Just like Heartbreak, it is a collaboration with UK DJs The Freemasons, and once again it's a total firework of pop amazingess shot into pop heaven. Sophie's unique voice and phrasing are absolutely gorgeous and the chorus is fire. 
Below are the two versions of the track, the radio edit and the Freemasons remix. Either way you're in for a treat. Bittersweet will be released on May 2nd in the UK and an album will follow later in the Summer. I guess that's what they call "highly anticipated". 

UPDATE: here's the gorgeous, simple, yet effective video.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Amazingness alert of the day : ROBYN's Fembots.

After Sia graced us yesterday with six new tracks, it's Robyn's turn to give us some new music to listen to. The fantastic Swedish pop goddess is streaming the brand new Fembots on her website. It's HOT electro-pop sugar of high Robyn standards. In one word, it rocks. Reboot!

SIA streams 6 AMAZING new tracks

The über awesome SIA went for a clever move to promote her upcoming album We Are Born (due out on June 7) by allowing fans to stream six tracks from her website. The songs are all top quality pop, more up-beat than most of her fantastic previous album Some People Have Real Problems. Enjoy the tracks below and go to to check her tour dates. You don't want to miss her.

The Fight

You've Changed

Clap Your Hands (new single)

I'm In Here

Big Girl Little Girl

Bring Night

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sugababes : Sweet 7, not exactly their best work...

I suppose I’m not the only pop fan and girlband lover to feel a bit weird about the Sugababes. It’s not that I don’t like them anymore (or at least their past songs), but it’s just that I don’t feel comfortable supporting a band that’s no longer what it used to be. I’m not talking about the recent (third) line-up change, when founding member Keisha Buchanan was ousted out of the band and former Eurovision hopeful Jade Ewen replaced her in a matter of minutes. That’s, as they say, life. And a lot of cynicism. The previous incarnations of the Sugababes had survived the departure and replacement of former members quite well, and as I tend to think, only the music counts.
What bugs me here, in this new era for the b(r)and’s seventh album Sweet 7, is that they’ve hit a career low. When Get Sexy, the first single from the album appeared back in July 2009 (when Keisha was still in the band), I remember thinking it was a bit slutty and unoriginal, far away from almost everything the Babes had released before. But it was catchy, and a clear display of the work completed with US producers during the previous months. Then Keisha was let go, and the campaign for About A Girl, the second single off the album was launched featuring Jade Ewen. And God that video was everything the Sugababes never were. It was vulgar, over-the-top in terms of almost everything and the song itself was pretty much the same thing as Get Sexy, only with “RedOne” added to the intro. Of course the album was delayed to allow Jade to record all of Keisha’s vocals on the already existing tracks. Island Records were not going to let those (expensive) songs go to waste. And this, in my opinion, is the main problem with Sweet 7.

Whereas the band has always been known for making fantastic and edgy pop songs (Overload, Freak Like Me, Hole In The Head, Push The Button, About You Now, to name a few), which in a way defined this decade’s pop sound, Sweet 7 sounds as if it had been made to erase all these achievements. Ok, most songs on the album are catchy and well produced (Thank You For The Heartbreak or Wait For You are clear standouts) but other than that, the tracks generally tend to rank to a Pussycat Dolls level. Which is good when you have When I Grow Up in mind (Wear My Kiss) and far worse when you think of Hush Hush Hush Hush. She’s A Mess and Give It To Me Now, for example are so bad that even Girlicious probably turned them down. How the team behind the Sugababes let that pass is beyond my understanding. I wonder what the girls themselves (well, Heidi and Amelle) think about these songs, especially when they listen to their earlier work.
And then there are the ballads. Gosh, when you think their back catalogue contains Stronger, Caught In A Moment or Too Lost In You, you can only feel bad for Sugas 4.0. Crash And Burn, the likely-to-be next single (clever move!), is just standard Atomic Kitten in some aspects, and mediocre Sugababes during the chorus. The other ones, apart from Sweet & Amazing, which is neither sweet nor amazing but a little better though, are lost causes. I’m probably the only one who genuinely enjoyed their generally slammed previous record Catfights And Spotlights, but at least it had great mid-tempo tracks and ballads to offer. The reason they’ve been chucked at the end of the record like that is probably because the label is hoping people will stop playing it right in the middle of She’s A Mess (which is very likely to happen) and therefore miss the slow numbers. Let’s hope they do.

It’s too bad the band didn’t put Girls Aloud’s hiatus and other girlbands failures (The Saturdays, Girls Can’t Catch, Dolly Rockers) to good use. They had at least a six-month clear window to reclaim their crown, and instead of that, they let go their last remaining founding member and released an overall poor album. Well done.
The only way the band can survive this era is if they close it fast, and then record an amazing single. Other than that it’s likely that the Sugababes won’t last long. Or at least they’ll live far away from their past glory. 

- Do you think we look like a bunch of sluts?
- Shut up Jade, Keisha's the slut.

Wait For You
Thank You For The Hearbreak
She's A Mess

Enjoy some of the Sugababes' back catalogue
Découvrez la playlist Sugababes avec Sugababes

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It’s not an ad, it’s not a movie, it’s not a music video: it’s Lady GaGa’s Telephone. (+ free Scotty Dynamo Remix)

Lady GaGa is going stronger and stronger on her journey to world domination, and it’s fair to assume that her latest video (for the awesome Telephone, featuring Beyoncé) won’t exactly stop her. Directed by Jonas Akerlund, who previously shot her Paparazzi video and worked with Madonna on various occasions, the vid is an epic mini-movie full of references (yeah, it’s the Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill!!!), attitude and great dance moves. Too bad though the product placement is so heavy and Beyoncé looks like such a tranny, and is such a bad actress. It will take some work and money to top this.

Interesting fact : GaGa seems to be the only artist at the moment who's able to create such hype around a video. It has ben pushed back several times, creating buzz all around the internet, until it was finally unveiled and talked/blogged/twitted/facebooked about in the following seconds. Who can do that nowadays ?

By the way, the always super nice and hot Canadian artist/producer Scotty Dynamo sent me this remix he did of Telephone for you to enjoy. It’s free and legal, so say thanks to Scotty (Thanks Scotty!).

Download Telephone (Scotty Dynamo Remix) [right click + save as...]

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Another amazing video from OK Go!

Remember OK Go! ? They're an alright band who had an awesome song called Get Over It a few years ago.And they made that superfamous video that's been seen more than 49 million times on their YouTube Channel. The one with the treadmills, you know. Anyway. For their new single (is it a single?) This Too Shall Pass, which is ok-but-not-amazing, they made that absolutely brilliant video (above), after making this one which wasn't bad itself. Good job, everybody.

Get Over It