Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Twitt-review of Hurts' Happiness

Below are my first thoughts on each of the songs contained on Hurts' extremely anticipated (at least by me) debut album Happiness, due out on September 7th. I'm VERY lucky I've been able to hear it in its entirety. As you will probably understand, this record is close to being a masterpiece. I'll write something more substantial near the actual release date but for now here's what I twitted while listening... (What? You don't follow me on Twitter yet??! Click here, and see you soon). Pardon my poor spelling & typing, but with the excitement and all... xx

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wonderful Hurts, Wonderful Life, wonderful video

Hurts, my favourite new band, have just released a new video for the "proper" release of their magnificent single Wonderful Life. The video itself, which was shot in Ibiza, is a piece of art, it's stylish, beautiful and very "Hurts". These guys can do no wrong, can't they?

This is Robyn's new video for Hang With Me

Below is Robyn's new video, for her awsome new single Hang With Me, taken from her upcoming release Body Talk Part 2. The song was on Body Talk Part 1 in an acoustic form and here's the full-on electro version. I wasn't really convinced with it at first, probably because it sounds a lot like Dancing On My Own, but it has really grown on me and now I love it. And how beautiful is the album's artwork ?! Answer: very. Once again, well done Robyn.

Robyn - Hang With Me official video from Robyn on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Van Go Lion download : Sugarblush

I told you about new Portland-based duo Van Go Lion a few weeks ago. Their first EP is a synthpop-filled musical pleasure of mine at the moment. Well they have a new song they want to share with you. It's called Sugarblush and it's an absolutely exquisite slice of summery pop. Stay tuned for a little surprise involving the band in the coming weeks. For now, enjoy the track buy downloading it below.

Interview: Alex Gardner

"Xenomania? It's like a British pop Motown!"

Last week I had the pleasure to meet Alex Gardner, about whom I had already written in the past (here and here). The 18 year-old supercute Scot was in Paris for some promo, as he's getting ready to release his music outside of the UK, and he was kind enough to answer my questions, From the not-so-good chart position of his first single I'm Not Mad to sitting on a couch with Girls Aloud and being a serious musician, he said it all... Did I mention he's supercute?

It’s Pop! How’s your conquest of Europe going?
Alex Gardner: Steady but surely. I’ve been to Germany so far, Italy, and now we’re in Paris.

IP: How’s the response so far?
AG: It’s great. I never expected to go from the UK to the rest of Europe so quickly, cause I only had one single out for the moment in the UK. But it’s nice to branch out a little bit.

IP: Are you branching out because the single didn’t do as well as expected in the UK?
AG: Not at all. I’m proud of its success. I think for an 18 year-old to hit the charts at all is amazing. The single went to number 41 and I was over the moon.

IP: But was your team expecting more from I’m Not Mad?
AG: They were not angry because for all of us, success is something that’s gonna happen at some point. The team never worked thinking the project was a short-time thing. I’m Not Mad is a track I had written long before I met the people that are involved in this project and now we’ve got that body of work that we are going to release no matter what. It doesn’t matter if it’s a success or not: it’s a body of work, and I’m Not Mad is a teaser to what my album is. It is one aspect of it, and it’s gonna revolve around the rest.

IP: What’s the plan with the album?
AG: First thing first, I’m Not Mad will be released [outside of the UK] and then I’ve just written the second single, which I honestly believe is the best song I’ve written in my life, it’s very exciting. I’m not quite sure what I’ll call it but for now its working title is Take This. Then eventually the album will come out in early 2011.

IP: You’ve been working with Xenomania [the team of producers behind Girls Aloud and many other pop acts]. How is it working with them?
AG: It’s incredibly special. You know, I started working with them as a sixteen year-old boy, so you can imagine what it did to me. For example, on my first week at the mansion, Cheryl Cole and Girls Aloud were there sitting on the couch next to me, so I was like “what IS this crazy place??!” It’s filled with the most creative, eccentric people you will ever meet in your life. It’s actually the house where Alice In Wonderland (the book) was written. It’s got this amazing, fabulous garden where everybody sits and writes music. I’ve met tons of fantastic people through Brian [Higgins, Xenomania’s mastermind]. It was a great place for me to grow as an artist. Actually this place is like a British pop Motown.

IP: At the moment girls are pretty much owning the UK pop music scene. Do you think you (and other male pop singers) can compete with them? How so?
AG: I’d like to think I can, yeah. I think it’s turning around now. There’s a few male artists, but they’re more urban, they’re from the same category. I obviously don’t belong to that category, as I’m much more into using real instruments and adding my twist to it. So maybe I can bring something fresh and new!

IP: So would you say there is an “Alex Gardner Sound”?
AG: No. I know I surprise people every time I say that, but that’s because I love different types of music, and I will keep experimenting and going as far as I possibly can.

IP: Are you still working with Xenomania at the moment or is the album done and ready to be released?
AG: At the minute, we have a finished album. But being a musician, I am never finished until they take it off me, until they say “you can’t work in here anymore”!

IP: Who are your inspirations, your models in music?
AG: I really look up to my older brother. He’s in a band now, he started playing the guitar and then I started playing to be like him! I also like iconic artists and people, not necessarily musicians. For example James Dean; he’s my hero. Then Marlon Brando, Elvis. I really love Elvis. There’s also Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, George Michael, Bob Marley. And from the current music scene I’d say Amy Winehouse and Duffy. They’re two incredible women, I can’t wait for their new stuff. Oh, and there’s Florence of the Machine.

IP: Who’s your dream collaboration (dead or alive)?
AG: Maybe I want to work with a rapper. Why not?! For real, I'd love it! And also with a girl, and do a classic duet, just like the oldies. Anyway I really love to be challenged so if I had to choose a big name, I’d say Micheal Jackson. But for now I think I’ll concentrate on me! I’ll worry about others when I can!

IP: Your voice and songs sound a lot more “adult” than what people might expect from such a young artist. Do you think you can seduce teen girls as well as other pop music fans?
AG: Hopefully I won’t need to try to appeal to just one particular market. In fact I don’t wanna try and appeal to “young girls” in particular as you said, because I really try to experiment with a lot of different music. I’ve got a reggae track, a rock track, a blues-driven track… They’re all relevant, because they’re “me”. This whole album is my twist in these different things so hopefully there’s a little something for everybody. It’s a body of work, not a book of songs. I obviously cannot ask everybody to love me, but what I can do is try and provide something for everybody, if that makes sense!

IP: Being a Xenomania baby, would you say you’re more Girls Aloud or Mini Viva?
AG: Neither! And I LOVE Mini Viva, I’m very close to them. I spent every day with them for about three years. And I love Girls Aloud as well, but I feel very different from these acts. If you listen to me next to all other Xenomania artists, my music is completely different from theirs. I guess I have a bit more input than a lot of people, because I WANT to.

Do you think that’s why Mini Viva are not successful? Do they lack commitment?
AG: No! There are lots of factors that contribute to an act being successful or not. Music is not 100% sure. For example their third single [One Touch] was not really taken seriously, but if the third single had been the second one I think they would have had a top 10 hit. So there are a lot of factors that are out of your control and all you can do is keep trying, keep releasing other tracks, keep doing gigs. And you know, they’re both great.

IP: Finally, what would you do for a top 10 song?
AG: Let’s put it this way: I’ve already given up so much by moving away from my home, my friends, my family at the age of 16 and by putting myself in a situation trying to chase a dream. So I’ve already given everything to make things happen with my music, what else does it take?

And because he's nice and all, Alex agreed to make a little playlist based on my "one song..." questions.

1 One song to wake up to
Bob Marley – Red Red Wine
2 One song to work out to
Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son
3 One song to sing in the shower
Alex Gardner – Yesterday’s News
4 One song to hum along to on the street
I Blame Coco – Self Machine
5 One song to blast on the car’s stereo
Mos Def – Mathematics
6 The ultimate party song
Basement Jaxx – Raindrops
7 One song when you feel blue
Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good
8 One song to make love to
Finley Quaye – Even After All
9 Your guilty pleasures
Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca
10 The song you’ll never get tired of
Stevie Wonder – Ribbon In The Sky
11 The song you’re listening to a lot right now
Miike Snow – Animal
12 The last song you’ve listened to
Miike Snow – Animal
13 The first record/song you bought
Santana – Evil Ways
14 The song you own you’re the most ashamed of
"I don’t have anything I am ashamed of… Ok, some girl group maybe!" [I chose Girls Aloud's Wake Me Up]

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Dragonette - Our Summer (Free Download)

Dragonette, one of my favourite bands ever is back with a little treat for fans in the shape of a new song to download for free. How nice. The tune is called Our Summer, and it is pretty different from anything they've done before. It's a very energizing song that's gonna have you jump up and down for sure. I'll happily play it at my next beach party.  
Our Summer is an early sign of the band's next release Mixin' To Thrill. It isn't a new album as such, but a collection of remixes from their latest record Fixin' To Thrill (you see what they did!). Among the remixes are three new song : Our Summer, Volcano and My Things (the studio version of track they sing in concert). Way to please the fans. Please also note that The Buffetlibre Remix of Easy will be on the album. It's a sufficient reason to buy it.

(Dragonette - Easy Bulleflibre Remix)

Head over to for more info on how awesome this band is.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Five + four songs for the week of July 19th

Brandon Flowers - Crossfire
The Killers frontman is releasing his first solo album Flamingo in September (UK: 6th/US: 14th) and Crossfire is the first single off it. This subtle and catchy pop-rock track doesn't take Brandon too far from his band's sound but makes it a very enjoyable debut nonetheless for what is shaping up to be an exciting solo journey. Below is the video featuring none other than Charlize Theron.

I Blame Coco - Self Machine
Don't let the fact that she's Sting's daughter make you believe she's another underseving celebrity spawn who just wants to be famous. Coco has a real universe and this single (after the very good Caesar, featuring Robyn) is a total smash. It's got lots of energy and attitude and her fairly uncommon voice definitely makes her one to watch.

Lady Gaga - Reloaded
I just came across this not-so-new demo so I don't know much about it, except that it features Rodney Jerkins. Plus, it's way better than Alejandro. It should be enough for now.Is it? Is it not? There it is.

Sky Ferreira - One
And another solo-female-electro-pop-newcommer on the market! If you like Ellie Goulding and co. you might like Sky. This single is a nice summery pop bubble that fits the current trend perfectly. Now it remains to be seen if she can make it among the already fierce competition. Anyway, this one's all good!

The Knocks - Something I Can Dance To
This awesome twosome from New-York, who are signed to Neon Gold Records (one of the best labels out there), have made a name for themselves by doing awesome remixes for the likes of Marina, Ellie Goulding (also Neon Gold babies), Britney etc. I love how their remixes really add something to the songs while they remain very respectful of them. This single is a re-work of Alphabeat's DJ, and it's perfect. Head over to this page to download their own tracks (Blackout is amazing) as well as aforementioned remixes, legally and for free. A real treat! (Myspace, Twitter)

Girls Can't Catch - You're The Kinda Man + Mind It
So yes, the girls were dropped last week by their label Fascination. It's true they were lacking a litlle je-ne-sais-quoi to rival their labelmates Girls Aloud or The Saturdays but since the album leaked a few days ago, it's become clear that they should have been around a little longer. It is filled with fantastic pop songs, and the fact they will never be released while The Sat's awful Missing You gets a shot at the charts is beyond my understanding. Sometimes popdom is unfair.
GCC You're The Kinda Man by Itspop
GCC Mind It by Itspop

Lectro Lips - Sex Electric
Lectro Lips are a pop duo based in the UK. Their music is a sexy mix of pop and 80s electro that would probably have your grandma dance her ass off. Plus they seem to be very nice guys. They're having new music out in August but for now you can download some tracks from their blog and their Soundcloud page if you like it. I'm pretty sure you will.
Sex Electric by LectroLips


Tove Styrke - Million Pieces
This is a last minute addition thanks to the amazing Jessica (@poptastic on Twitter) who runs the equally awesome blog This Must be Pop. It seems that this girl was a competitor on the 2009 Swedish Idol show. Now she's ready to release her debut single, the absolutely fantastic Million Pieces. If Robyn and Lykke Li had a musical baby, maybe it would sound like this. And guess what, it was co-written by Lykke Li! I'll definitely keep an eye open for this girl and will let you know. For now, enjoy the song, and DANCE!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Concert review: Julian Perretta Live In Paris

Remember, I met and interviewed Julian Perretta not so long ago, and I really enjoyed myself. He had just moved to Paris to get ready for the release of his first single Wonder Why. No surprise he decided to give his Parisian audience a live taste of his upcoming album Stitch Me Up, due out in September. Of course I could not miss that first show in his adopted city.
Paris was literally burning that day, with temperatures as high as 35° celcius. Not exactly the best weather to go to a packed venue with no air-con (yeah, us French people apparently think it's useless in concert venues). 
And, quite frankly, Julian's set didn't make things any better heat-wise. Kicking things off with two absolute bangers (King for A Day and Stitch Me Up), he got a boiling response from the crowd. King For A Day really sounded like an immediate hit to me, and I can't wait to get the studio version. Then he performed his great version of Phoenix's If I Ever Feel Better. Julian's take on the song sticks close to the original but doesn't make it any less enjoyable. Like I Do and Urgently Needed, which have both been floating around the internet for months revealed an exciting live potential as did 1986, a new one at least for me. Then came one of the best moments of the night: a cover of the Rolling Stones' Miss You. You'd think Julian is a bit cocky to dare cover the Stones, but it's safe to say he gave them a lesson. His cover was insanely sexy, punchy as well as respectful of the original. Dear Julian, please release this in a way or another. Thank you. After Ride My Star (still one of my favourites), the band and Julian went off stage for a fake encore. Yeah after only 8 songs. That wasn't really necessary. Oh well, the acoustic rendition of The Killers' Human didn't surpass the original but made for a nice down-tempo moment. Of course the set ended with Wonder Why, thank you Paris, good night. 
Well done Mr. Perretta. Just one thing: if your album is going to have so many good songs, why not play more of them? Ten songs including 3 covers: it's a bit short and leaves the audience wanting more, especially when they paid 25€ (which I didn't, I admit). Other than that, mark my words once again: this guy is set for big things.

Wonder Why

(A big, personal thank you to the amazing Stars for the tickets!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hurts - Wonderful Life (Freemasons Remix) - Download


OH YES! The absolute awesomeness that is Hurts' Wonderful Life is going to be their next single (after it was used as a buzz track a few months ago). The idea is for it to be a launch pad for the band's first album Happiness, due out on September 6th. As a little gift while we're waiting, here's the Freemasons remix of said single. Needless to say it is perfect and does the song justice. And you can download it for free. Isn't life sweet?
And in case you haven't seen the band's MTV live sessions thing, here it is. It's very pleasant.

Hurts- Wonderful Life (Freemasons Club Edit)

And if you don't know the original version, here it is.

Oh , and here's the artwork for the album. Nice, isn't it?

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

New tune: Leslie - Never Never

Last week I met the lovely Leslie for an interview you will be able to read by the end of the Summer when her new album A La Recherche Du Bonheur is released. She is really sweet and has been around for eight years now, displaying a nice mix of pop and urban music. Her hits include Le Bon choix, Je Suis Et Je Resterai, Sobri, L'envers De La Terre.
Here's her new single Never Never, much more dance-oriented. It's a very summery tune. Watch the video below.

La semaine dernière j'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer la très sympathique Leslie pour une interview que je publierai à la fin de l'été, lorsque sortira son nouvel album A La Recherche Du Bonheur. Depuis huit and déjà Leslie nous propose son univers, mélange de pop et de musique urbaine... Vous vous souvenez sûrement des tubes Le Bon choix, Je Suis Et Je Resterai, Sobri, L'envers De La Terre.
Son nouveau single Never Never, au son résolument dance et estival est à découvrir ci-dessus !

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Five Songs For The Week of July 5th

Lady Gaga vs. Marina And the Diamonds - Alejandro Is Not A Robot
Good mashups are rare, but this one is particularly awesome. Combining Gaga's so-so single with Marina's absolute genius track, and BAM! you have the mashup of the year!

Everything Everything - My KZ Ur BF (Clock Opera Remix)
This remix by the people behind the awesome reworking of Marina's Robot is just fantastic. You can download it on the wonderful Neon Gold blog. It kinda sounds like a Summer anthem to me. Doesn't it?

Scissor Sisters - Laura
I know most of you already know this song but I thought I'd post it anyway as a way to pay hommage to this absolutely incredible band whose concert in Paris last Sunday was the best I ever attended. And this song is a classic. Scissor Sisters: I worship you. 

Girls Can't Catch - L.E.S. Artistes
The band's album sampler that just leaked was full of promises for that band that never took off, despite having two awesome singles (Keep Your Head Up and Echo). They will probably never release anything else, but at least you can listen to their cover of Santigold's song. Pretty great. 

Massive Attack - Atlas Air
This beautiful song belongs to Heligoland, the album that was released earlier this year. With the heat wave we are currently experiencing, I thought this refreshing etheral electro track would be a perfect fit to cool things down a littl, or maybe make them even hotter...

Monday, July 05, 2010

Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite (album review)

"Aphrodite is a joyful collection of uplifting pop songs destined to make people smile and dance."

Oh, Kylie. Sure, she's one of the most adorable popstars ever. She's got quite a lot of fantastic pop songs in her bag. She's a hard worker. She's a survivor. She seems genuinely nice. The kind of person you'd like to be friends with. No surprise us fans have been more than indulgent when she released Body Language and its string of half-arsed, underwhelming songs (Red-Blooded Woman, I'm talking about you). No surprise we tried to see the positive in the whole X debacle: 2 Hearts being an odd choice as first single, the whole double-second-single-depending-on-where-you-live-like-it's-1994-all-over-again-and-the-internet-doesn't-exist thing, The One being sacrificed (it peaked at #36 in the UK), awful tracks (Cosmic, Stars, All I See) making the cut on the record instead of great ones being used as b-sides or bonus (Ripping Up The Disco, I Don't Know What It Is) etc. At the end of the day Kylie deserves to be forgiven for the mishandling she's not even responsible of.
Truth is, what we were all waiting for was a real Kylie Minogue album. Dance. Fun. Consistence. Slick production. Huge singles. No fillers. Something like Fever or Light Years, to be honest. Well it seems like Aphrodite, Kylie's 11th studio album is a return to form, to say the least.
The first good sign was All The Lovers. The 100% positive, uplifting and sexy first single made its job the way it was supposed to: it made people interested and excited for the album. The video, the photoshoot and the promo appearences were perfectly controlled and therefore made the song a real grower. A perfect choice, leading the way for the whole project. Aphrodite is a celebration of love, happiness and pleasure. Of course, if you're expecting Kylie to sing about serious matters and be the voice of a generation, you're in for disappointment. She's never been like that, and that's maybe why people love her so much. She's an entertainer in the most noble way, and she's clever enough not to involve herself in The Great Matters Of The World like, say, Madonna. That said, her more "profound" albums of the 90s contain some of her best tracks (Confide In Me, Limbo, Too Far, Breathe...).
Back to Aphrodite. Stuart Price having his hands on the whole thing garantees a certain efficiency in the BPM department, as proved by the huge and probable future singles Get Outta My Way and Put Your Hands Up. Though lacking originality, they certainly do the trick and bring Spinning Around-Kylie back on her feet. Closer is probably the most modern-sounding track here. It's pretty much Kylie's take on Gaga and other female pop newcomers but way better, and more heartfelt. A true smash. Everything Is Beautiful, the track written by Keane's Tim Rice-Oxley, has a nice melody but lacks edge, pretty much like most of Keane's songs. Then comes Aphrodite, the second highlight of the record. It was written by Nerina Pallot (a favourite of mine) and brings Kylie into confident and fighting territory, with its military drumming and empowering lyrics ("I got soul, you can check.../I got spirit you can feel..." and "I'm fierce and I'm feeling mighty/I'm a golden girl, I'm an Aphrodite"). It's hard to resist this one. On the other hand, Illusion never really takes of. Let's say it's a fine album track with a pleasant soft-electro melody but that's it.
Better Than Today takes things to another level. The second track by Nerina is quite different from the rest of the album, more substantial maybe, and it's undoubtedly the most catchy and sexy song on it. Kylie premiered it last year on her US Tour, and since then (and the YouTube videos) it was a favourite of mine. Here in all its sizzling glory, it's faultless. Too Much, the collaboration between Minogue, Calvin Harris and Scissor Sister Jake Shears is not as huge and exciting as one could have expected given the talents involved, but it definitely is a dancefloor stomper that doesn't miss its aim: make you dance. Funnily enough, the last three tracks are still growing on me. I found them rather generic at first, but they're in fact full of charms and have fantastic bits: Cupid Boy's pre-chorus and actual chorus, Looking For An Angel's strings, ah-ah-ahs and chorus and finally Can't Beat The Feeling's chorus -it's pretty neat too. Maybe Heartstrings, the bonus track produced by Xenomania, could have been included because it would have closed the record in a very nice way, but hey, who am I to suggest that?!

SO: let's rejoice, the Body Language days are long gone. Even the Parlophone marketing team seem to have learnt from the very bad X campaign. So far, so good, it seems like this new era is going to be a very exciting and successful one and it's fair to say that Kylie deserves it, offering her fans (but not only them) a joyful collection of uplifting pop songs destined to make people smile and dance. Frankly I'm fine with that, you'll find me on the dancefloor.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

The 3 videos of the week

The past week brought us at least three nice music videos. Here they are in case you missed them. 

Marina And The Diamonds - Oh No !
As her album is composed of 13 potential singles, I guess it wasn't easy to choose the new one! Thankfully, Oh No! perfectly showcases how amazing Marina and her music are. Nice, colourful video, babe!

Maroon 5 - Misery
I wrote about the song when it premiered and told you it was an enjoyable summery pop song. Well two weeks later, it still is. The video itself is pretty fun, and proves that Adam Levine isn't human: he does not bleed. 

Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette - Hello
One year after their first collaboration, french DJ Martin Solveig and Canadian pop wonders Dragonette are going at it again with the great Hello. The video was shot during this year's French tennis open at Roland Garros and features famous players Djokovic and Monfils, as well as DJ Bob Sinclar.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Scissor Sisters - Night Work (album review)

"Night Work sounds like a huge and amazing party with no mean bouncer telling you you can't get in."


Imagine if a rainbow-coloured unicorn had a record-shaped spawn with a top-notch pop singing glittery poney. It would probably sound like the third Scissor Sisters studio album, Night Work. Four years after their slightly disappointing second record Tah-Dah, Jake Shears, Ana Matronic and their Sisters are back with their most consistent and fun album. Their best one too. 
I was lucky enough to hear six of the new songs at a live show earlier this month, and as you know it's not the best way to discover new material from a band you love. Why? Because songs usually sound better live, with the energy, the sound of the actual instruments playing, and of course the singer(s) playing with the audience, singing for the audience, and no in front of a studio microphone.So before I listened to the album for the first time I was a little anxious that the magic I had witnessed would not be as epic. I-WAS-WRONG.
What's striking with Night Work is how instantly efficient all the tracks are. The energy and constant will to create the perfect verse, the right bridge and the most catchy chorus right away are obvious, making it insanely difficult to determin which song is going to be your favourite. With brilliant and joyful pop songs (Night Work, Fire With Fire, Running Out), sexy and groovy numbers (Whole New Way, Harder You Get, Something Like This) and the total epicness that is Invisible Light, it's difficult to choose one. It seems like the Sisters are just enjoying themselves a lot, in a simple and generous way towards their fans. I'm talking about the kind of heartfelt joy that Madonna was unable to communicate with Confessions On a Dancefloor. Night Work sounds like a huge and amazing party with no mean bouncer telling you you can't get in. The biggest strength of the band is to be able to play with their (totally controlled) freaky/glamourous/sexy image as well as to offer songs that say "F*CK YOU" to anyone who'd have forgotten that pop music means pleasure. Shared pleasure.
By handing out the production duties to none other than pop majesty Stuart Price (the magician behind Madonna's Confessions, Kylie's Aphrodite, The Killers' last album and many more), the band was garanteed total success on the dancefloor as well as a classy production. Jake's voice is put to very good use, easily ranging from his usual falsetto to a deeper and more sexy voice that brings a welcome and more noticeable diversity to the whole record. The only flaw of the album is the lack of vocals from the absolutely fantastic Ana Matronic, even though her solo on Skin This Cat is pretty great. She has to be more than a back-up singer.
Conclusion: Night Work is a high-quality job -in just twelve super-efficient tracks, the Scissor Sisters manage to take us into their undeniably sensual, festive and fun universe we wish we could stay in forever. It kinda is what pop is for, right?!

Any Which Way

Something Like This

Running Out

Whole New Way

Invisible Light