Saturday, August 28, 2010

You can count on Gravitonas

I told you a few months ago that swedish duo Gravitonas were awesome thanks to only one song : Kites. You how it is. Sometimes a band has one killer song and that's it. That was something one could fear with those two guys. But fear not, reader. Their just-released 4-track EP The Hypnosis is fantastic. Their moody and sometimes a bit over dramatic songs have one quality that's too often missing from contemporary pop : it sounds heartfelt and consistent. So yes, the choruses are big, the beats are pumping, there's a choire at times, but overall you can't blame them for trying to produce some powerful and catchy songs.
My only advice would be that they tried to match their sonic energy and ambition with a more accessible visual universe, the Gravitonas "project" being still quite obscure. But maybe this EP is just a work in progress, and a little treat aimed at giving us something to chew on before more stuff is unveiled.
Anyway, Gravitonas can be seen as a more dancey counterpart to the UK's Hurts. Both bands share  strong universes and charismatic frontmen. Whereas Hurts are more influenced by the 80s and new-wave, Gravitonas seem to find more inspiration in the 90s' sound and its carefree feel-good sound.

I strongly encourage you to buy their music (here is a good place to go) and be won over by this very interesting and clever project while waiting for a proper album.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Robbie & Gary video: it's basically Brokeback Mountain with no bumming in a tent

SO. Shame, that long-awaited RobbieWilliams/Gary Barlow duet is finally upon us. It's disappointing if you expected some sort of Patience vs. Rule The World vs. Angels vs. Rock DJ mashup. Which I kinda was, I must admit. Ok, let's be clear, it sucks and is miles away from what it should be. So its title suits it well. As for the video, the plot is totally inspired by Brokeback Mountain, you know that movie where Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal were "doin' it" in the tent/on the grass/near sheeps/in their wives' backs etc.
Let's hope the Stuart Price-produced Take That 3.0 material is better. As for Robbie, I've almost already given up.Shame is released on October 4th and is taken from Williams' "career retrospective" (ie. "your latest album flopped, let's release a second greatest hits even though you didn't really have proper "hits" since the first one was released") called In And Out Of Conciousness : Greatest Hits 1990-2010 (1990, really??!) which is out one week later.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

When a song gets better with another band: Lawson cover The Saturdays' Missing You.

(c) @MonsieurStef - awesome artwork maker and twittbuddy.
I you follow me on Twitter (here) you probably know that The SaturdaysMissing You isn't exactly my favourite song of the year. In fact I might have used the word "crapfest" to describe this boring, not-really-uptempo-not-really-a-ballad disappointing single. In fact I think the problem lies in the production. It wants to sound modern but it sounds awfully dated and cheesy. Frankie's vocals sure don't help either.
ANYWAY. Supercute UK band Lawson covered the song and posted it on YouTube, and guess what? They showed that with the right treatment, it actually is a great pop song. Ryan's subtle vocals along with the acoustic rendition make it really enjoyable and prove once again that music is the winner here, readers.

Follow Lawson on Twitter here / and on Facebook there

You can hear The Sats' acoustic version here. It's not better in any way. Come on girls, now release Higher and all will be right in the world!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Florrie: she's a giver

Florrie is one of Xenomania's protégées and their in-house drummer, having played on recent Girls Aloud and Pet Shop Boys records. The cutie was also chosen as the face of the latest Nina Ricci perfume campaign. Not bad for a 21 year-old, eh? After posting lots of remix tracks on her website for free, this week she just dropped two original songs that are more than worth your attention. Give Me Your Love and You Wanna Start Something are two delicious slices electro-pop served that are catchy as hell, the latter being an absolute favourite of mine. I could see both songs on a Girls Aloud album and of course high on the charts. You can download the tracks from Florrie's website, as well as a lot of remixes, which is clever way to start a solid fanbase, if you ask me. No doubt you'll hear from her a lot in the coming months.

Give Me Your Love 320kbps mp3 (10mb)
You Wanna Start Something 320 kbps mp3 (10mb)

Don't forget to visit for more downloads and news.

Florrie - Panic Attack (Fred Falke Extended Mix)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coloured, funky and with flying sushi: it's the new Scissor Sisters video for Any Which Way !

Oh yeah! The second Scissor Sisters single to be taken from their absolutely fantastic third album Night Work is the equally awesome Any Which Way, a fine contender for the "Song Of The Year" crown here at It's Pop! HQ. Remember, it's the track they performed at Glastonbury with Kylie.
Their new video is fun, funky, colorful and awesome, much like the band itself. And quite frankly, a video where there are flying sushis thrown from a sushi-canon is a winner (I really hope they are sushis). Oh, Scissor Sisters, I love you.

Is it a proper video? Is it a tour promo? Is it a"mini movie"? It's Goldfrapp's Believer

The image above is taken from some new Goldfrapp "video content" I just received with their newsletter. How nice of them! It's not presented as the video for the band's next single Believer, but I think it is. So in the newsletter's own words it is "a wonderful little film [...] a mix of all the shows and some backstage stuff." Spot-on description, Goldfrapp HQ, cause it's indeed a nice little movie which gives a taste of what the life on the road is like. Pretty much like Alphabeat's and Robyn's latest videos. I love to get that kind of videos 3 or 4 singles into an album campaign, you know, when the label says "ok guys you sold 465 albums because we pretty  much sucked at doing a proper campaign for your amazing record, now we don't have any budget left  cause it went on last week's office party, why don't you make a video yourself?" 
Anyway, the picture above shows you my Goldfrapp dream setlist. Dear Alison, can you play the exact same songs when you come to Paris in November (and maybe add Tip Toe & all the remaining songs from  Supernature) ? Thank you, love, L.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (video)

If I were Katy Perry and I had to shoot a video for the not-very-good follow-up single to my huge worldwide hit California Gurls, I'd hire a super cute male model and I'd do naughty stuff with him on a bed. Oh, I'd also have him get half-naked just because. This way people would focus more on  my video than on the actual song. Guess what? That's what she did.

Edit: Sorry, it seems the video is unable for embedding, as usual with the stoopids at EMI... I'll try to post it again ASAP if it's taken down again...

If you're feeling brave, you can watch Katy's performance at the Teen choice Awards here. But don't complain if you end up running round your house screaming "my eaaaaars my eaaaaars". Yes, it's painful.

Five songs for the week of August 9th

The Saturdays - Higher
Still considering that the band's ear-raping new single Missing You doesn't exist, I'd rather introduce you to their next single Higher. Taken from the Headlines EP, this is the song that should have led the whole project. It's a near-perfect pop track in the vein of Up and Ego, ie. with a great chorus, a huge tune and beat you can dance along to. Nothing to do with the crapfest we're being harrassed by at the moment. BTW, there's not much going on on Headlines. Puppet is really good but the rest is just meh.

Dragonette - My Things
 Another week, another slice of Dragonette Heaven, this time in the shape of a song called My Things. They have been playing this live for quite some time and now the studio version is on their latest release Mixin To Thrill, which contains remixes from Fixin To Thrill and new songs Volcano and My Summer, which I already told you about (here). My Things is 100% amazing: bouncy, synthy and lyrically funny. Thank you Dragonette for being so awesome, and now get back to the studio to work on album #3!

Alphabeat - Ain't Nobody
I found this cover of Chaka Khan's Ain't Nobody (which Liberty X had previously released as a mash-up with The Human League's Being Boiled to stellar results, thanks to Richard X) by chance and learnt that it was a bonus track from their last album. Well done to them, their version is really good, funky and shiny. Listen to a snippet of it being performed acoutically and download the regular version below.


Robyn - In My Eyes
This song is only 1/8 of the absolute amazingness that is Body Talk Pt. 2, the second installment of Robyn's trilogy of awesomeness. I'll write a proper review of the EP around its release date, but for now here's the opening track for you to enjoy. A perfect mix of pure pop, electro and dance beats with Robyn's emotional vocals, the song is one of the record's many highlights  and makes me wonder why the Swedish popstrell isn't the new Madonna (yes, I think her music's way better than Lady GaGa's).

Professor Green - Just Be Good To Green
I was going to show you the rather beautiful video, but you know some labels prefer to restrict their use so that their artists don't get any promotion (yeah, EMI, I'm talking about you). Anyway, being far too nice, I'm going to feature it anyway. The song is actually a duet with Lily Allen. Professor Green is a UK rapper whose debut album Alive Till I'm Dead features one guest per song and is a rather nice surprise (more on that later, maybe). His rapping is very reminiscent of Eminem's, but let's say the British accent makes a notable difference! All in all, a pleasant track. 

Monday, August 09, 2010

Janelle Monae - Cold War (video)

Sometimes, simple is just the way to go. The new Janelle Monae video for her wonderful song Cold War is an astonishing proof. While just being a close-up of the artist's face singing her song's lyrics, the whole clip is very moving and powerful. Probably because that's how Janelle Monae is. You should definitely check out her excellent album The Archandroid if you haven't already. You're in for a real treat of originality and pure talent.

New Alphabeat video: Heat Wave

My beloved Danish popsters from Alphabeat just posted their new video, for the smashing Heatwave. This is going to be the fourth single taken from their 90s dance music-infused great album The Beat Is... I love how the low-budget, let's-make-a-video-while-we're-on-tour video and let's-get-sponsored-by-a-huge-video-camera-brand-to-make-our-video-even-cheaper concept (which Robyn also pulled for her new single Hang With Me) makes a charming and smile-inducing treat for the fans. Hopefully this single will do better than the previous ones on the UK charts and shed some well-deserved light on this truly great band.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Video interview: Van Go Lion

Ace new US band Van Go Lion answered my questions and made a great video for you to enjoy. You can download their awesome tracks Glow, The Ache and Sugarblush for free here and here, but you should also buy their superb debut EP on iTunes. This very nice and down-to-earth twosome has a lot of great electro-pop tunes to offer and will hopefully get the success it deserves. Thank you Amy & Josh, see you soon in Paris!

New Alex Gardner song/video "Feeling Fine"

Supercutie Alex Gardner (who I interviewed a few weeks ago) just dropped the video for his second single Feeling Fine. The video is nice but the song is disappointing, especially compared to You See With Me, Heartbreak of Yesterday's News. Plus, his voice has a bit too much autotune here, even though it absolutely doesn't need it. Too bad. Hopefully Feeling Fine will do better than I'm Not Mad (which peaked at #41 in March 2010).

New KT Tunstall !! Push That Knot Away (video)

The insanely talented KT Tunstall (whose 2007 album Drastic Fantastic was indeed fantastic) is back on September 28th with a new record called Tiger Suit. As a taster of her new body of work KT just dropped a home-made video of an album track called Push That Knot Away. It has a delicious feel of organic electro, and fierce energy going on throughout the track. I can't wait to hear more from this great, great artist.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Marina is not a Princess (mini movie)

I find it absolutely fantastic that some obviously very talented people took the time, money and energy to make this awesome mini-movie which features the songs from Marina And the Diamonds' perfect debut album The Family Jewels. Revisiting the most famous fairy tales, this beautiful piece of work pays a well-deserved tribute to one of the most amazing artists around at the moment. Well done "Ely".

And as a bonus, here's Marina's performance of I Am Not A Robot (one of the best pop songs of the past few years as you are well aware) from her 2010 iTunes Festival concert. You can/must purchase the EP from the iTunes Store right now.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Some songs for the week of August 2nd

White Arrows - Coming Or Going
These gentlemen are from the US and have a nice little summer song under their belts. Don't be surprised if you find yourself humming along to the tune after one listen... that's exactly what happened to me! You can grab the song and a remix below.

Coming Or Going (original)
Coming Or Going (RAC Remix)

I Am Arrows - Green Grass
This second "arrow"-named band was founded by Razorlight's former drummer Andy Burrows. Their single Green Grass is a delicious pop song with an instantly catchy melody. You can download some of the band's tunes on their website, in exchange for your e-mail address. Don't hesitate, it's all good. And the album is out on August 16th.

Dragonette - Volcano
I couldn't avoid telling you about a new Dragonette track, even more when it's that good! It's superpop, bouncy and has a killer chorus, as usual with that band. Once again, it's a total success or the band, and absolute pleasure for us.

Electric Lady Lab - You and Me
Hardcore scandipop fans might recognise the singer as the former front woman of excellent band Nu!. They had one amazing album back in 2003, that was unfortunately not followed by anything else. The twosome's ifrst single is built around a sample of Snap's Rhythm Is A Dancer and it's fair to say it's awesome. I hope we'll hear some more about these two really soon.

The Wanted - All Time Low
My UK readers probably know these five guys already, as their debut single is this week's UK number one song. I'm usually not a fan of boybands at all (I guess you know I prefer girlbands...), but I wanted to feature this song anyway. It's pretty unusual for a boyband, a bit like Girls Aloud's Biology was at the time, but it's working nonetheless. A really good pop song, which will hopefully be followed by a lot of other ones, just like the girls usualy do!

Kirsten Price - With Or Without You
 I wanted to make your mouth water a little with this. You can only hear a preview of the single for now, but I've been lucky to hear the full album (Brixton To Brooklyn), and I can tell you it's solid. Navigating from pure pop to rock and even more urban-flavoured sounds, Kirsten (who's not the pornstar of the same name as far as I know) has a bunch of enjoyable songs to offer. I'll post more music as soon as I can, but for now here are 30 sec of With Or Without You and if you like it, you can download the full song here! (limited time offer!)