Monday, January 10, 2011

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Yelle - Safari Disco Club

After watching Yelle play a few new tracks alongside some from her debut album a few weeks ago, it was high time the campaign for her forthcoming second studio offering Safari Disco Club started rolling.

With the unveiling of the eponymous track, it’s shaping up well. The track is a fun (yet slightly annoying vocally, but that’s nothing new with Yelle) and bouncy tribal-electro-pop track with enough power to have you on your feet in a matter of seconds.
I’m quite disappointed she is teaming with the atrocious Katy Perry as the California Gurl’s opening act, but I dig the fact she’s going at it internationally even more than the first time.

Plus she’s sounds pretty good live, thanks to a great two-man band that gives her nice little pop songs a great beating edge. She’ll give the vocally-disabled Perry a run for her money.

Put your leopard jacket on and meet me in the savannah for a hand-in-the-air disco-party.

Listen below and download for free... The album's out on March 14th.


Brever said...

Where's the free download?

Loïc - It's Pop! admin said...

It was removed since the album was released.