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[BEST OF 2010] The top 30 albums of the year

Here's my late post of my favourite albums of 2010. As you might have guessed if you're a regular reader, my #1 album of the year is Robyn's Body Talk, probably the best collection of flawless pop songs on a very long time.

What are your favourites? Feel free to comment and add your suggestions.

Here's a Spotify playlist I made with my favourite tracks of each album.

Find out who made the top 30 after the jump!

01. Robyn - Body Talk [Album review]
With this ambitious 3-EP-project, Robyn has achieved something huge. Body Talk is a pop triumph of major proportions, firmly establishing her boundary-pushing, ground-breaking and body-rocking sound as a new landmark in modern pop. Pretty much every song on those EPs could have become singles, and they rocket into your head in a matter of seconds, making it impossible to stop playing them. She might not get the success she deserves, but one thing's for sure : Robyn's the best popstar of our time, full stop.

02. Marina And The Diamonds - The Family Jewels [Live review]
With her super catchy, clever, imaginative and sometimes odd little pop songs, Miss Diamandis has created one hell of a masterpiece. The Family Jewels reeks of its owner's personality and sounds like no one else could have sung those songs. Apart from an obvious sense of melody and writing talent, Marina has grown into a fantastic stage performer, as proved by the perfect show she played in Paris in November (vs. the one in April). A star is born.

03. Hurts - Happiness [Album review]
As soon as I heard the Mancunian twosome's first song Wonderful Life late last year, I knew something great was shaping up. Taking their time to work on their debut album, Theo and Adam have been able to create a strong universe both musically and visually. Their classy and melodically superb pop songs put them at the pinnacle of a moody (if not gloomy in some aspects) and brilliantly crafted pop movement. Plus, they're really nice guys.

04. Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite [Album review]
After the all-over-the-place but a times very enjoyable X, Kylie came back with a bang with a modern-sounding and uplifting record full of positivity and joyful tunes. Kylie is still where she belongs : on top of the pop game.

05. Scissor Sisters - Night Work [Album review]
What a sexy, fun and exuberant record! Jake, Ana and the other Scissters hit all the right buttons with this collection of brilliantly produced (courtesy of Stuart Price) and ambitious pop tracks. And you know what? Jake's the nicest and most down-to-earth popstar I've ever met, so extra points for that!
And by the way :
- #1 pop moment of the year : spending two amazing nights (not "that" kind of nights, right?) in Paris with Jake Shears.
- #2 pop moment of the year : Kylie joining the band during their Glastonbury show.
- #3 pop moment of the year : the band's show in Paris in July 2010.

06. Kids Of 88 - Sugarpills
There are not many records with such energy and great hooks and choruses this year. Hopefully that band from New-Zealand will get some exposure in the coming months, so the awesome songs on this record reach a wider audience. I think I have a crush on this band. A big one.

07. Girls Can't Catch - Album
This album will never be released but with it leaking days after the band split, we understood that they deserved more than being dropped after two under-performing (and amazing) singles. This ill-fated record is so full of potential hits and irresistible tunes it feels unfair they never get to see a proper release while Sugababes' Sweet 7 did. Oh, the tough pop game!

08. The Amplifetes - The Amplifetes [Interview]
Another revelation of 2010, another brilliant record from Sweden. These guys know how to write a song and how to make it sound big! With enough hits to put Beyoncé's Sacha Fierce to shame, their debut album is a must-have for every pop enthusiast.

09. Sia - We Are Born [Live Review]
What an odd artist. As subtle and emotional as she's eccentric and different from the rest of the music scene, Sia makes it difficult to dislike her hand-crafted buzzing folky-electro pop sound. With the help of Greg Kurstin, she's taken things into a more upbeat territory (for the better), not forgetting to add some great ballads to the mix. Well done.

10. Goldfrapp - Headfirst [Album Review]
Interestingly, Alison and her band went full-on 80s for their fifth studio album and well… that wasn't quite a bad idea! With retro synth and tasty choruses, this is one of 2010's best example of a wasted campaign. The singles should have been hits!

11. I Blame Coco - The Constant
Not a very attractive popstar. Great songs. Not exactly a success. Unfair.

12. Cee Lo Green - The Ladykiller
Absolute class and killer tracks. A truly beautiful record by one of the most addictive voices of the past few years.

13. Gabriella Cilmi - Ten
Some amazing songs. Some less amazing (the ballads). A disastrous campaign. Another pop injustice. Sad face.

14. Julian Perretta - Stitch Me Up
There's more to Julian's debut than his first single Wonder Why. A bunch of great pop-rock songs and a promising artist. Oh, and he's really nice.

15. The Mynabirds - What We Lose In The Fire We Gain In The Flood
A totally unexpected discovery and a handful of beautiful songs. Listen if you haven't already!

16. AaRON - Birds In The Storm
If you don't know those two French guys who sing in English, well it's time you got your ears on this dark and superb record of theirs. Haunting and deep.

17. Angus & Julia Stone - Down The Way
Close your eyes. It's Summer, you're driving in the sun, the wind caressing your skin. What's playing? Angus & Julia Stone's delicious and dreamy tunes of course.

18. Take That - Progress
Guess what? The fully re-united band's new record is good. Surprising and sometimes even daring. Thanks to Stuart Price slick and modern production, once again. This man is God.

19. Christina Aguilera - Bionic
Add the bonus tracks. Remove the stinkers. Make Vanity the first single. Forget the atrocious Not Myself Tonight video. TA-DAHHH you've got a great, ambitious yet overly-pretentious modern pop record. Too bad X-Tina's so full of herself (and full of stuffing as of late)…

20. Janelle Monae - The Archandroid
The closest we got to a budding superstar in 2010. Her album's extravagant, crazy and has some sure-fire hits. It's just the beginning for Janelle.

21. Madjo - Trapdoor
One of the few French records I've truly loved this year. This girl is fire, and her huge talent shines even more on stage.

22. KT Tunstall - Tiger Suit
KT never disappoints and her soft-rock tunes sound great on this third album. A return in top form for of one the most interesting female artists of the current scene.

23. Lilly Wood And The Prick - Invincible Friends
Them too sing in English although they come from my side of the Channel. And quite frankly they don't pale in comparison with UK bands. A really beautiful album that shows solid songwriting skills.

24. Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History
So yeah, most of the tracks have a very similar sound. But when they're so efficient and catchy, who cares really?

25. Ellie Goulding - (Bright) Lights
It wasn't very hard to guess Ellie would make quite an impression with her debut, given the quality of her early singles & demos. A really nice collection of pop-folk tracks.

26. Kelis - Flesh Tone
Banging and straight to the point : Kelis' new record flies away from her r&b roots and takes us to the dancefloor for a non-stop party. Dance I said!

27. Yodelice - Cardioid
Parisian Maxim Nucci has had an interesting change in his career leading to the birth of Yodelice is dark-folk alter ego. This album (his second as Yodelice) is a nice surprise and a great piece of work.

28. Brandon Flowers - Flamingo
Although not all songs on here are as good as you'd expect, Brandon managed to craft a few amazing tracks like Crossfire, Swallow It or Playing With Fire that more than justify this solo escape from the Killers frontman. Now get back to your bandmates, Brandon!

29. Raphael - Pacific 231
That's one album I was surprised to like, and even to listen to. With more lyrical depth than before, great melodies and simply excellent songs, I've discovered a grown-up version of an artist I used to like ten years ago, on his fist album. Let's forget what happened in between.

30. Jenifer - Appelle-Moi Jen
I was never a fan of hers, but I must admit her fourth studio offering was a surprise. A good one. Full of sexy 80s hooks and choruses, she managed to make a fun and more adult record. Her single Je Danse is infectious!

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