Saturday, January 08, 2011

[BEST OF 2010] The top 5 EPs of the year

They're not singles, they're not albums (even though some of them are better than most albums) but they're awesome nonetheless. I didn't know how to include them in my top 30 albums or singles lists, so I decided to make one specifically for my favourite EPs of the year. Some very promising stuff I hope to see take off in 2011. 

Here's a Spotify playlist to listen to all those musical treats! 


1. Florrie - Introduction EP

Drummer for the Xenomania in-house band, model, songwriter and singer. Florrie is shaping up to be quite an amazing popstar, with absolutely amazing pop tracks reminiscent of Girls Aloud's best releases. More good points : a great personality emanates from her, and she's really convincing live. My hottest pick for the year to come. (Get the EP for free on Florrie's very good website).

2. Brigitte - Battez-Vous EP

These two eccentric French ladies have had their share of experience with past projects, but their association seems like the best idea ever. Their unique, glamourous and sometimes hilarious universe, coupled with an incredible stage presence, create an immediate love the songs just confirm. Don't miss them.

3. Alex Gardner - EP
Alex is one of those wannabe popstars that didn't get the success he deserved because of an almost non-existing promo campaign. Too bad, his debut EP (that was released in a few countries only) showcases a great talent, a suprinsingly deep and mature voice for a 18 year old, and super catchy and addictive pop songs. Let's hope his second shot at popstardom is more successful, it would be a waste to see him go away from the music scene.

4. Gravitonas - Kites, The Hypnosis & Coliseum EPs

This slightly od twosome comes from Sweden and offers a very exciting electro pop sound theyr released in the for of three EPs (a bit like Robyn, yeah!), almost making a perfect debut album. A few softer and quiter tracks make up for a couple of sometimes larger-than-life songs that makes them sound a bit like a modern-day Queen. Great great body of work anyway.

5. Charles Pasi - Uncaged EP

This super-talented French harmonica player, songwriter and singer is bound for great things if his debut EP is anything to go by. He's got incredible performing skills which make his jazzy-funky-poppy tracks even more enjoyable. Watch out for him in 2011, he could be one of the brightest new stars of the year.

Also check out : Birdy Hunt, a Paris-based 6 piece rock band that made quite an impression with their debut EP, which you can get for free on their website.

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