Monday, February 28, 2011

[ALBUM REVIEW] Keren Ann - 101

Today sees the French release of Keren Ann's sixth studio album simply entitled 101. While I wasn't a fan from the beginning (although I've always LOVED Sailor & Widow from her 2003 record Not Going Anywhere), I have to say this record has had me jump right into her universe. 
Much like a sweet cocktail, 101 is to be sipped quietly. It is comfortable, tasty, at times sexy and exciting, sometimes more delicate and calm.

First sip and opening track My Name Is Trouble is unarguably the best on there, being at the same time chic, super-catchy and extremely addictive. Check the video below, it is the best possible encapsulation this hot piece of low-fi electro-pop could hope for! 

Favorite tracks range from moody slow jams like Run With You and You Were On Fire to more upbeat pieces like Sugar Mama and the irressitible Blood On My Hands, which both work quite well on stage, as I could notice when Keren played the first live date of this new era last week at La Bellevilloise in Paris. Closing track 101 wraps things up greatly and leaves the listener on a smooth and dreamy note.

Keren remains in her comfort zone for most of the record but sometimes reaches out to unexpected territories, making 101 a pleasing journey full of comforting melodies. One of the most classy records of the year so far. 

Listen to the album in full here

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