Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Erik Hassle is quite the hitmaker

I love Erik Hassle. Party because he's got a fantastic debut album (Pieces), partly because this album never met the success it was supposed to meet. I like myself an outsider, the one only a few people know and appreciate, a lost gem patiently waiting to explode. Outsiders in music are always more interesting than successful acts, as proved by this simple example :
Marina And The Diamonds > Rihanna. 

So, remember, two years ago Erik almost had a hit with Hurtful, a song so good it put most of his competitors to shame at that time (though it didn't prevent Akon from releasing music). Well the whole project kinda failed to set Erik as the popstar he deserves to be, but still, our favourite Swedish ginger is still going at it. He just released (and by "released" I mean "you could buy it if you were Swedish and therefore had access to the Swedish iTunes Store") a new song called Are You Leaving, which is the first single from a forthcoming mini-album called Mariefred Sessions

As far as I'm concerned I'm certainly not going to leave Hassle, provided he keeps making such great tunes. At the same time very catchy, upbeat and melancholic, the track ranks as one of his best (alongside Love Me To Pieces, Hurtful or Wanna Be Loved). Very Robynesque. Really, it's an unmissable treat I haven't been able to get out of my head lately. Try it, you'll love it.

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Anonymous said...

Everything you said in that review was exactly correct! Erik Hassle is amazing!! I love the new song