Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tunes! Beth Ditto, Alex Winston, BrightLightBrightLight

Some do it better than, say, Rihanna (even though I have to admit S&M is some serious bitch tune). Those who "do it better" at the moment are, among others: Beth Ditto, Alex Winston and BrightLightBrightLight.

Beth Ditto - I Wrote The Book.

Taking some time off her band Gossip, Beth is back with an electro-pop infused EP. First single I Wrote The Book is an awesome slice of hot and proud modern-day disco. The video, an obvious and clever tribute to Madonna's Justify My Love, shows a confident and sexy singer who's stepping into a new musical territory for the better.

Alex Winston - Locomotive

I took me a while to be convinced by Alex Winston, even though she's been around for a few months now. That was until I heard her debut EP Sister Wife in Full. Locomotive, which leads it (ah-ah-ah) is a super catchy piece of of work, which makes me even more eager to reach warmer temperatures and run around freely in fields. As if I would ever do that. Anyway check out the EP, it's worth it. Each of the six tracks on it are a real treat. 

BrightLightBrightLight - How To Make A Heart

You gotta love Rod Thomas, the man behind BLBL. He's so nice and clever. I should know, I've been lucky enough to meet him and chat with him twice. So for once I'm not saying that after pretending to read some press release ;). Rod is a very talented guy, as proven by everything he's released so far. It's fair to say I CANNOT wait to hear his new material, which should be out soon. For now, here's a new song he's releasing for us to wait before the album. Needless to say it's GOOD. Hurry Up, Rod. 

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