Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nerina Pallot's Put Your Hands Up : the best Put Your Hands Up track since Kylie's Put Your Hands Up

One of my top 5 songs of the year so far is finally available in Youtube format. Sadly, it doesn't mean you can buy it yet and send it straight to #1, where it deserves to stay for about 46 weeks, but at least you can enjoy the "experience".

Nerina Pallot is a rather amazing solo singer, whose success doesn't quite match her talent (which means her albums haven't really reached the heights of the top 40). She's also an awesome songwriter, and thankfully she gave Kylie two of the best tracks from her lastest record Aphrodite, the fantastic title track and the deliciously sexy Better Than Today. At least she got some pretty nice royalty fees I guess.

You know what, in pop, justice is always served at some point. As for Nerina, I sense the release of her new single Put Your Hands Up could make her the not-so-mainstream classy popstar she deserves to be. This song is so incredibly catchy, reassuring and cleverly delicate that it makes it difficult for any other track not to be labeled "whorefest" in comparison. The refreshingly sweet song really puts Nerina at the forefront of the current female pop singers scene.

In case you're wondering how Nerina's Put Your Hands Up ranks among other Put Your Hands Up tracks, here's how it goes :

1) Nerina Pallot's Put Your Hands Up
2) Kylie's Put Your Hands Up
3) Nadine Coyle's Put Your Hands Up
4) Danzel's Put Your Hands Up (In The Air)
5) Fedde Le Grand's Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

It's fair to say there's quite a gap between song #1 and #2, and you know how much I love Kylie.
Oh and the video : it's a nice sequence shot that serves the song the way it should, and it even features people dancing. Thank God, Nerina forgot to wear stupid outfits like in the last album campaign, and just looks faultless.

In a nutshell : amazing song / potentially big popstar waiting for her moment / nice video.

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peteday said...

good vibe & pulse to this tune. v addictive. not been so keen to replay constantly since 'Price Tag'.