Friday, April 15, 2011

OH MY : a new girlband with a great song

Who doesn't like a new girlband? Even if there are only two girls in said band. And as I always say: "anything is better than 5 Saturdays". Well I don't say that very often, but you get the point. 

Oh My are a twosome from the UK and their stage name comes from Tweet's track Oops (Oh My) (not really "an anthem", as said in the press release, but well). I'm not sure this is a cool fact, but I kinda like the idea. Aley and Jade look like two perfectly cool and fairly indie girls with the right amount of attitude and laid-back confidence that put them on the Sugababes 1.0 side rather than with the slutty ones. And we know there are plenty of those already (I'm looking at you, Parade). 

A good sign, they're signed to 679 records, home to Marina and The Diamonds and Little Boots. Well, we'll consider it a good sign.

Their debut single Run This Town is instantly addictive and showcases a great electro-urban sound that's equally sexy and mature. Plus, you have to love it because the video features a parrot. And quite frankly, who doesn't like a parrot in a pop video?
As you can see, this post is a lot of nonsense, but all this has an aim, which is to tell you that this track is great and should be considered with excitement and a bit of armpit sweat. Cause you can dance and (and make love) to it. For that, thank you Oh My, and hopefully, we'll hear more from you soon. 

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Not your average son said...

Saw these on sam and mark's friday wind up and it was the worst thing i've ever heard. So bad I actually thought it was an audience participatin thing. Totally out if tune. Poor girls being signed and told they were good.antra