Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sophie Ellis Bextor releases a new album. For real.

That's quite an artwork. Well done everybody.
As the always brilliant Popjustice said today :
It is so much easier being a Sophie Ellis-Bextor fan once you accept that she is never ever going to have another hit single 
This pretty sums everything up. That being said, Sophie Ellis Bextor remains one of the most exciting female artists currently in activity. Her last two single releases (Heartbreak and Bittersweet) are sumptuous slices of catchy and soulful electro pop, and the singer's vocals still have the same appeal they had when she appeared on the music scene almost ten years ago.

After much delay, a second baby, and quite frankly a feeling of "what's the point?", Sophie is ready to drop her fourth studio album. Make A Scene will be released on June 6th, and will be preceded by a new single called Starlight. Well i's not so new, as it leaked a month ago, but to the non-fans it will be the same. 

While the track is slightly less immediate than its two predecessors, it has that distinctive Sophie touch that makes it irresistible. I can't see it become a hit in its homeland given the current state of the crappy-R&B-infested chart, but eh, a guy can hope, right?

As for the album itself, all hope are up, since Sophie has been working with some of the best producers/songwriters around, such as The Freemasons, Cathy Dennis (Kylie's Can't Get You Out of My Head), Richard X, Metronomy, Calvin Harris and Greg Kurstin (Sia, Lily Allen...). With such an impressive pop casting, I doubt the record will disappoint. 

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