Friday, May 20, 2011

Florrie: the future of pop? (probably)

(C) Boris Labourguigne / @borislab
Florrie was I Paris recently and played an amazing headlining show. It was the perfect occasion for an interview with a girl who I think will be a massive popstar when the time is right. And guess what, I even met Brian Higgins, from Xenomania. Bargain! So: wonderful pictures, free music, video interview -it's Florrie overload! 

Remember, I've already told you about lovely Florrie. Since then, I met her. Twice. I also met Brian Higgins, her manager and founder of Xenomania, the production team behind all of Girls Aloud's albums, as well as other pop treasures. Needless to say the man is one of my musical heroes, and being able to chat with him after the show was a highlight of my musical musings thus far.

So Florrie was in Paris a few days ago to perform for the second time in the city (after her opening slot for Two Door Cinema Club in November 2010), but this time at her own show at La Maroquinerie. The place was packed with pop enthusiast and guests who were probably curious to see what the indie pop sensation was going to offer on stage. The Bristolian pixie didn't disappoint, playing a 45-minute set comprising the songs of her first EP Introduction, as well as Call 911, Panic Attack, new track She Always Gets What She Wants and the first single from her second EP Begging Me.

(C) Boris Labourguigne @borislab
Said new single was made available at the end of April, and while I don't like it as much as the previous tracks, it's a real grower and its unusual structure have Xenomania written all over. You know what, Florrie's next single is FIRE, as I've been able to listen to about a minute of it FROM BRIAN HIGGINS' VERY OWN iPHONE. Yes Sir, thank you Sir, thank you sister.

Remember that all of Florrie's music so far is available to download for free on her website, although I strongly suggest you support her by buying it from iTunes. 

Below is an interview I first published on French online media We discuss her budding career and the fact she doesn't to be signed for now, pop music in general, Xenomania in particular and what's to be exected from her in the near future. You CANNOT not fall in love with Florrie after watching that. Even I did, in the blink of an eye.

A BIG thank you To Romain Saillet for editing the vid!

Part 1
Part 2

Part 2

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