Monday, May 23, 2011

[PLAYLIST] Good Stuff: May

Here's a selection of amazing tracks I've been wanting to blog about for quite some time. Ready?

Simon Curtis - Superhero

Sexy and brilliant Simon Curtis is back and ready to release his second self-produced album after >he released the first one last year. It's pretty impressive to see that he managed to make such a clever and ambitious pop record (which you can still download for free) on his own, and I can't wait to hear the new one. In the meantime we have his new single Superhero to help us wait. It's great male electro-pop with a definite sexy twist. Too bad we're not hearing more of that these days. Buy it on iTunes & support Simon.

Van Go Lion - Body Moves

My favourite poppers from Portland, OR just released their single Body Moves. They confirm how good they are at making indie pop with this exciting piece of electro pop. After an excellent first EP (see here for previous coverage), they're going strong on their way to success, which I hope will happen soon. More music please!
Célien Schneider - Jupiter

Who doesn't like a lil' bit of gentleness? I certainly do, even more so when it's provided by a charming young artist. Meet Célien Schneider, from Switzerland. His first EP was just released, and the single Jupiter now has a a video. Soft and melodic, the song is reminiscent of Coldplay and perfectly introduces the new artist. He's also at easy with more up-tempo tracks like A Better Lie. More on him soon :-)

Britney Spears - Gasoline

There's not much I love on Britney's latest album Femme Fatale (I hate the first two singles) but Gasoline certainly is an exception. It's a perfect pop track in the vein of what she used to do before her team desperately tried to make her relevant, and is instantly catchy and modern. I hope it gets released as a single during the campaign, hopefully instead of the disastrous Will I Am-produced Big Fat Bass.

The Cardigans - Erase/Rewind (Kleerup Remix).

I know this song is twelve years old, but it's one of my favourites ever and someone recently brought to my attention this remix made by Swedish producer Kleerup (Robyn's With Every Heartbeat, anyone?). It doesn't change the original track much but gives it a synthy touch that make me love it even more! Hey The Cardigans, when can we expect a new album?

Take That - Love Love

Well it's no secret that I have a little weakness for Take That, especially since Robbie rejoined them in 2010. I love their latest record Progress, a really clever album, and this new track (leftover?) which appears on the X Men OST. It's similar to Kidz, which means it's an epic stomping up-tempo number which will probably look great on stage during their new tour WHICH I WOULD LOVE TO ATTEND. But that's a whole different matter. Spread the love love!

The Submarines -  Shoelaces

What's wrong with a bit of indie pop? Nothing, I agree. Here's Shoelaces, by LA-based band The Submarines. This highly addictive track made its way into my ears in no time, and should do the same with you... In case you would like to check them onstage, they'll be playing in the UK soon. See their website for dates. 

Nerina Pallot - Put Your Hands Up (Like It's 1987) - We Are The Chatterleys Mix

You probably know how much I LOVE this song and this artist. I told you a few weeks ago. Well here's a cool and very Kylie-Locomotion remix of Put Your Hands Up, which gives the track a whole new spin. More on Nerina's sublime album soon. I need a few more listens!

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