Thursday, June 23, 2011

Florrie the Experimenter

I know, it hasn't been long since I last mentioned Florrie. It's not my fault, she's been pretty busy lately. She recently released her second EP Experiments (after Introduction in late 2010) she worked on for several months with Brian Higgins from Xenomania, who's also her manager. Remember, I told you I had a chat with both of them when Florrie graced Paris with her presence in May.

At the time Brian let me listen to about a minute of I Took A Little Something, which made me all wet on the inside. Even a minute of it was enough to understand this song was major: first as in "a major pop track", second as in "a major departure from what she had done before".

The second EP marks a bold new step in Florrie's budding career. It takes everything you thought it would be, shakes it up, cuts it, and serves it to you in the form of a six-track collection of brilliant and daring pop. I will not lie, and it seems Florrie remembered it from our aftershow chat, I didn't really like the first single Begging Me at first.

Oh I love Twitter! You can chat with popstars & fellow bloggers, just like that.
I guess I was surprised and a bit disappointed it didn't sound as catchy and immediate as some of her earlier work. But in the context of the EP, it makes sense. It's taking risks, it's not meant to catch your ear instantly but it seduces you for sure after you take the time to appreciate it and accept you won't immediately love it. A good part of the record had the same effect on me. While I fell right in love with She Always Gets What She Wants (which I had heard live twice already) and its reworked instrumental, and couldn't resist the charms and awesomeness of Took A Little Something, it took me repeated listens to get around more complex tracks like Experimenting With Rugs and Speed Of Light.

Gorgeous video for I Took A Little Something, shot by the Dolce & Gabbana team in Paris.

The structure, length and general feel of these tracks explain the whole set's title quite well. Here Florrie and Brian experimented on sounds, songs, on the whole pop format. It reminded me of some of Girls Aloud's Out Of Control album where, alongside obvious hits (The Promise, Turn To Stone…) there were amazingly daring and exciting stuff you don't often hear in pop nowadays. I'm referencing the EPIC and impossible-to-surpass Untouchable of course, as well as Love Is The Key or Miss You Bow Wow. By taking her musical journey a step (two steps) further, Florrie proves she has more than meets the eye and confirms her huge potential.

Just on a side note, I'm fed up with hearing here, there and everywhere that Lady Gaga is the sound of the future, her album is the best of the year, of the decade etc. It is not true. It's just an uninspired rehash of everything that's been done over the past twenty years. There's no or very little experimentation. If you want modern, forward-thinking pop, listen to Florrie. And Robyn. 

If you have read her very clever blog post already (if not, do it now!), you understand how consistent her strategy is with her music (and the other way around too!). If she keeps making such exciting experiments, there's no doubt her climb of the pop Everest won't stop anytime soon. I'll be among those following her to the top anyway.


You can listen to Experiments on Florrie's site and you can (should/must) buy it on iTunes (links)

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YasBrown said...

This is nice summery pop :-) Can I suggest some more catchiness from Danish singer Nabiha, who released an album "Cracks" in Denmark last year.
Have a look/listen to her 1st single "Deep Sleep", which I absolutely love!

Yas xx