Friday, June 03, 2011

NEW COLDPLAY ! Life is amazing!

Life is fantastic this week. After a new Robyn video and the premiere of Nicola Roberts' single yesterday, today sees the world premiere of Coldplay's new single Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.

The on-air-on-sale strategy being this amazing idea, the track was made available on iTunes right after it was played for the first time on the radio. Which means I've owned it (and listened to it) for 40 minutes now. It's 1:41 pm Paris time on this Friday.

The song is an epic track in the vein of Viva La Vida, lots of things are happening in 4 minutes, and I still need to get my head around it. But the drumming in the last few seconds of the song are MAJOR. Coldplay, our love story can start again.

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Kim said...

Je ne reconnais que par la voix de Chris Martin! Ça sonne électro mais pas du tout comme du Coldplay :( mais bon c'est quand même Coldplay et tous leurs fans les attendaient!! happy