Thursday, June 02, 2011

Nicola Roberts - Beat Of My Drum (song & VIDEO)

The news of Girls Aloud reforming next year for a tour and possibly an album isn't the only GA-pant-wetting piece of news of the day. Amazing girlbanf member Nicola Roberts just premiered her debut solo single on UK radio.

After a few weeks of snippets and teasing, here's the proper track in all its glory. What I can say is IT'S FREAKING AMAZING, bitches. After the Cheryl Cole solo debacle and Nuhdeen's failed attempt at solo success (despite a generally good album), it's a welcome return for probably the most underrated Aloud.
I am absolutely 100% behind Nicola on this one and really hope she'll be successful, which would be a rather satisfying thing given she was never the one people thought would make a name for herself outside the band.

Produced by Diplo (yes, the same who worked with pop Goddess Robyn), and French producer Dimitri Tikovoi, the track is instantly infectious and and its chanting chorus (L! O! V! E! Dance to the beat of my Drum) has all the qualities of a proper Summer anthem. Go Nicola!

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