Thursday, June 02, 2011

An OFF-date with Mc Fly

Yes that means "Access All Areas" ;-)
It was already 2 months ago that I was sent to London to meet UK male band Mc Fly for an interview and some coverage of their show at Wembley Arena as part of their Above the Noise Tour. The  sun-filled 24-hour trip to the British capital was a great occasion to get to know those guys better, as I wasn't really familiar with the entirety of their back catalogue. I knew the hits for sure, and liked the singles from the latest album Above The Noise. It was a good start right?
So after a bit of research, I finally could tell who Tom, Harry, Dougie and Danny were. Which proved somewhat convenient when I met the two fans we were taking to meet the band. They knew pretty much everything and were super excited to meet their idols. Cute! 

Can you spot my arm in the video? It's holding a mic ;-)

So after a bit of showing around London to my travel buddy Julien (he's the one who talentedly filmed everything), we headed to Wembley Arena and got ready for the interview. After a bit of setting up (two cameras, microphones, light etc), the four boys finally arrived and sat with me for a little chat about their tour, the album, their French fans and many other things, which you can unfortunately not all see in the video. I'm not responsible for the editing! :)
The boys being pretty busy and excited to play London, it went quickly, but I have to say they are nice and funny. Tom especially, who clearly led the whole thing. Too bad I didn't get to spend more time alone with Harry, he seemed so... well, you see. 

Good evening Wembleeeeey
The fans then met the boys, which was quite the emotional moment for the girls. And a cute one to watch! You gotta admire the band's professionalism for doing those meet-and-greets every day before their show, instead of spending some time in their dressing rooms playing video games or banging a Saturday or two (or five). As far as I'm concerned, I know what I'd be doing.

After that we headed to our (great) seats to enjoy the show. Well after the first three songs, that is since Julien and I were granted the right to spend some time right by the stage to shoot the beginning of the show. Cool time! The show itself is in the band's own words "the biggest one [they've] done in terms of production". Yes indeed. The whole show looks great, is beautifully staged and super-entertaining throughout. As a non-fan I was very surprised and totally enjoyed myself. It had what I absolutely LOVE about pop concerts in the UK: a hole variety of people (young, old, boys, girls, gays, straights, rugby players -they were right in front of us!-, cheerleaders, rich, poor etc) all enjoying the same thing for two hours, having a good time at a pop show by a boy band. You couldn't see that in France, sadly. These guys know how to rock an arena and judging from the cheering, their fans were more than happy. Oh, and as the whole show was being filmed, I guess there'll be a DVD out sometime soon. I wouldn't seem like such a waste of money to me...

Below is the video for McFly's very awesome Shine a Light. Why does it feature Taio Cruz? He's useless.

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