Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse (1983 - 2011)

This picture and video sum up perfectly the trashy-glamourous and insanely talented being and artist that was Amy Winehouse. Her Album Back To Black (which sold 3,092 million copies in the UK alone, and probably a lot more by the end of the week) is one I've listened to so many times I feel like it's been attached to my body.

So her passing doesn't only feel like an incredible waste of talent, it leads me to wonder how her entourage could let her go this low (see the Belgrade debacle of a few weeks ago, for which her manager has a lot to answer to), even though you can't really help someone who doesn't want help. 

But let's remember the good stuff, the amazing and immortal songs, the great performances and the black diamond Amy Winehouse was and will hopefully remain in people's minds. I'm sad. 

Seems like 90% of Amy Winehouse videos are not viewable on blogs. Sorry if you are redirected to YouTube...

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