Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Florence And The Machine is back with new sex-like track "What The Water Gave Me". (JOY)

I've been lucky enough to be given an early access to the new Florence And The Machine song What The Water Gave Me, and I guess it's faire to say I haven't been listening to anything else lately. 

The fact Florence is back just one day after Marina premiered her new single, right after Will Young released his new album and I got an e-mail telling me I would get a promo copy of Nicola's album probably makes this week the best one in pop of the whole year. 

Florence's debut album Lungs was such an impressive record it was always going to be hard to topple it. It's probably the most difficult thing to do for a singer: to try and equal the success of a smash debut. Well I guess Cheryl Cole never had this problem... 
Lungs was an intense journey in the world of Florence Welch that gave us proper superstar status in less than a few months.

Now she is quite surprisingly back with a new song (single? buzz track?) called What The Water Gave Me, a songs fans already know because she sung it during her tour. I didn't. I was ill the day she performed in Paris, let's not talk about it please. Whereas Marina surprised everybody with a rather unexpected dancey sound, we're in familiar Flo-territory here, as the track has an immediate feel of this unique artist. The vocals are as powerful and subtle as ever, the song progresses into an epic drumming-heavy affair that climaxes with the last chorus before coming to an end with a lighter piano-driven melody. This song is pretty much like sex actually. 

I'm told the album is coming our way very soon (I heard November). The single will be available tomorrow (Wednesday Aug 24) to download from iTunes, Amazon and all.  

Et voilà!

Update : new album out November 7!

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