Monday, August 01, 2011

Sadly, you can now hear the new Sugababes single in full.

Remember when the Sugababes sounded like that : (Freak Like Me, 2002, Suga 2.0) ?

or like that (Hole In The Head, 2003, Suga 2.0) ?

or like that (Push The Button, 2005, Suga 2.0) ?

or like that (About You Now, 2007, Suga 3.0) ?

or even like that (Get Sexy -MAJOR guilty pleasure-, 2009, Suga 3.0/4.0) ?

Well, if you expected something in the lines of their previous hits for their comeback, you're in bad luck. Me too, for that matter. After some unnecessary teasing, some ridiculous endorsement for a phone company, a quite bad "debut performance" and some neverending tweeting, the fourth version of the band once known as Sugababes finally debuted their lacklustre new single Freedom.

Here it is:

Pretty disappointing, right? Bland, generic and not-so-anthemic, it is in no way the type of song the band needed to get back on track. All this is quite annoying because when you think about how amazing this multi-lineup band used to be, you can only regret how uninteresting and unexciting it has become.

I believe their reign as the UK's second best girlband of the century (if we don't consider the return of the Spice Girls in 2007), after Girls Aloud of course, ended after Keisha Buchanan left in 2009. Being the last remaining member of the original band, she was some sort of guarantee for the band to remain as credible as could be. That and their (i.e. their team's) choice to go more urban, r&b, less original and generally super-slutty, and to step away from their pop sound, which was a bad on,e and just set them as a bunch of Fergies. Yup, it's that sad.

Not that there's much competition on the girlband front at the moment (ok, The Saturdays can still accidentally release a good single), but Sugababes will need way better songs than that if they don't want to disappear. For good this time.

OH LOOK! A photo from the set of the Freedom video, that was just tweeted by social-networking sites philosopher and intellectual leader Jade Ewen. Stylish and classy, right? By the way, if you want to read tweets as fascinating as "I just had a great facial, I feel so good", don't forget to follow Heidi Range. Probably my favorite person on Twitter EVER.

OK the bridge + chorus will be stuck in my head all night. I guess that's some sort of victory for team Sugababes.

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