Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Could Christophe Willem be that Cool male popstar we've been waiting for? (Probably).

There aren't many male popstars who can rival their female counterparts in the pop game. While we have the Kylies, the Madonnas, the Beyoncés or the Rachel Stevens (insert LOL here), I can't really think of a male artist who's able to offer ballsy, sexy electro-infused pop coupled with strong visuals and big arena shows. There was Robbie Williams at some point but he was aiming at a more "rock" image, wasn't he?

Great pop guys seem to be more indie, like Bright Light Bright Light, Penguin Prison, Erik Hassle, or even Hurts. Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters is utterly amazing but not (yet) a solo artist, and Mika turned out to be shit after just one album. Simon Curtis is like a baby Britney with a penis, but I'm still waiting for him to do something with that (other than releasing albums with nothing more). Justin Timberlake would rather play the "actor" card than get his nice ass back into a recording studio. 

Actually if you're a guy in pop and you want to be successful you either have to be:
1) in a boyband
2) a total bellend doing awful electro-RnB like Jason Derulo, Taio Cruz, Pitbull, Will.I.Am, David Guetta, Usher etc
3) a rocker (note that it's ok to be "rock". You're just not pop then)


Even more surprisingly, that response to all the crap lying around might be coming from France. I know. I told you several times about Christophe Willem, especially when he released his generally great second album Caféine back in 2009. Being a fan of It's Pop!-approved female pop, especially Madonna and Kylie, he did various interesting things in that direction, like covering their songs, sort-of-dueting, or working with the latter's longtime collaborator Steve Anderson. Apart from being totally amazing, Mr. Anderson has worked his magic on all of Kylie's tours of the last decade, and gave her songs some pretty perfect makeovers when needed. 

Now Christophe is getting ready to release his third record, entitled Prismophonic. I was lucky enough to be in attendance when he premiered the first single Cool at the Sony Music Convention a few days ago, and what struck me was: the total catchiness of the song, the perfect production, the daring sound for a guy. Cool is a GREAT pop song that gives me faith and full confidence in the forthcoming LP, which will see the light of day on November 21st. From the "ooh-ooh ooh" intro, to the verses leading to a huge frenglish chorus, it has everything it needs to become a real hit. Hopefully it will.

The single premiered (and was released) today, and it's already climbing the iTunes top 10, being at #7 as I'm typing (Tuesday Sept 20, 1pm Paris time). A number one hit on its way? Yes please!

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