Monday, September 12, 2011

[EXCLUSIVE] The Kooks - Junk Of The Heart (Happy): acoustic session

My great friends at 3èmeGauche TV and I were lucky enough last week to spend a Kooksified few days! First we attended a great show at La Flèche d'Or, one of Paris' most famous indie venues, where the band played an awesome 1-hour plus set comprising most of their past hits (all my faves at least) and some new tracks. Cause yeah, Luke Pritchard and his mates are releasing their third studio album today (Sept 12), and let me tell you something: these guys know how to write a song and drive a crowd crazy.

Junk Of The Heart is a perfectly timed and well-written collection of catchy and clever pop songs that showcase the band's ability to capture the spirit of pop: effectiveness, "complex simplicity" and unashamed pleasure. Tracks like Eskimo Kiss, Is It Me or How'd You Like That are immediate favorites, but here it's hard to find a track you won't like.

The second part of our week with The Kooks consisted of a more intimate moment with the band, since Luke and bass player Pete Denton joined us for an interview, followed by an acoustic session of current single Junk Of The Heart (Happy) by Luke alone on guitar. While you'll be able to watch the whole filmed interview in a few days (and see me make a fool of myself when Luke understands "sex" when I say the word "success"), you can now enjoy that intimate moment of music courtesy of 3èmeGauche TV's hard work over the weekend. Is there a better way to start the week?

Setlist, Flèche d'Or Paris Sept 7, 2011

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