Thursday, September 15, 2011

Florence And The Machine announces new album Ceremonials and premieres single Shake It Out

As I said a few weeks back, Florence And The Machine's track What The Water Gave Me was just a taster of things to come. Now we have the proper first single off her upcoming second album Ceremonials, out Oct 31st. It's called Shake It Out and once again, it a powerful and exciting pop song.

Above is the arwork for the album, which kind of reminds me of Madonna's Hung Up single cover.

And the font is totally Goldfrapp Supernature, right?

Florence having the pop goddesses shining down on her? I LITERALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS ALBUM! See the tracklisting after the jump!

Tracklist :
Only If For A Night
Shake It Out
What The Water Gave Me
Never Let Me Go
Breaking Down
Lover To Lover
No Light, No Light
Seven Devils
All This And Heaven Too
Leave My Body
What The Water Gave Me

Deluxe edition 2nd CD
Remain Nameless
Strangeness & Charm
Bedroom Hymns
What The Water Gave Me (demo)
Landscape (demo)
Heartlines (acoustic)
Shake It Out (acoustic)
Breaking Down (acoustic)

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