Friday, September 16, 2011

[PLAYLIST] Some great songs for September

Yay, everyone's back to school/university/work but I'm sure some of you forgot to load their iPods with good tunes. Here are some suggestions you might like and others you might not. 

The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love?

How I forgot to post about that song earlier is beyond me. AMAZING. In my top 5 of the year for sure.

Caotico - Brains Out featTove Styrke

TOVE STYRKE !!!!!!!!! <3. Great song. 

Orelsan - Suicide Social

OrelSan - Suicide Social par 3emebureau

French rap at its best. If you understand the lyrics, you're in for a big slap in the face.

Hands - No Romance

Nice indie electro-pop from Norway. Thumbs up!

Kasabian - Days Are Forgotten

Velociraptor! is out on September 19, you should get it cause it's really good.

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

I KNOW they're a teenage boyband. But the song is catchy, right? (SCREW YOU VIVO, sorry you have to head to YouTube to watch the vid.)

M83 - Midnight City

What a tune! Great electro-pop from France. Get it now.

Madonna - She's Not Me (Guyom's Express Mashup)

Madonna - She's Not Me (Guyom'S Xpress Mashup) by Guyomremixes

The original was OK, but that remix turns it into an awesome song! Plus it's a free download!

Penguin Prison - Fair Warning

This guy has one of the best albums of the year under his belt (out October 24). More about that soon.

Darren Hayes - Black Out The Sun

After the total awesomeness that was Talk Talk Talk, this new single makes me want the album Secret Codes and Battleships more than pint of beer at a festival. 

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