Friday, September 02, 2011

A UK Rock day with Kasabian and Carl Barat, just like that.

"Fire" was the goodnight kiss
So ok today (which won't mean anything if you read that later, so let's say "on Thursday, Sept 1st) was one of those days. The cool kind. First I got to attend a super private show by UK rockers and weird hairstyle sporters Kasabian, who are starting promo for their upcoming fourth studio album Velociraptor (out Sept. 19). They played a 5-track semi-acoustic gig at their label's magnificent new headquarters (Sony) for an audience consisting of staff, hardcore fans and well, people like me, the kind you always wonder why they're here ;-). 

Thing is I LOVE this band. Their previous record West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum is a personal favorite of mine and guess what, I was in luck tonight as they played four tracks from that particular record (out of 5). Weirdly so I might add as I thought this showcase would feature a bunch of new tracks. But apart from the single Days Are Forgotten, it wasn't what happened. Someone from the label told me they feared videos would leak and ruin the surprise... Well that sounds a bit strange to me but hey, I'm not doing their PR am I?

(That's Days Are Forgotten)

Well these guys certainly deliver, and i particularly liked the how exciting the songs still were in a more acoustic setting. If I had one criticism to make, I'd say they could have stayed a bit longer. But let's not get too picky.

I was probably on a themed day, since the end of the evening was even rockier. You might know that I'm lucky enough to participate in a very cool radio show called #CritiquesZik on national radio Le Mouv, a show hosted by the amazing Laura Leishman. What we basically do for a whole hour is we play some new tracks and grade them from 0 to 10. And we try to say relevant things. It's not always the case but at least we have fun. Well tonight was particularly cool as just minutes after I said what I like most about Jay-Z is Beyoncé, or something like this, guess who poped in our studio? None other than Mr. Carl Barat himself. Yep the one from The Libertines. Pretty cool, right? I do think so myself. Nice and chatty, Carl joined us and graded tracks with us, while speaking his best French.

Fans of The Barat, you'll be happy to learn he's working on a new album in between writing an opera that will be shown in Paris next year.

Oh hey radio team plus Carl and manager! And my red pants.

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