Thursday, November 10, 2011

About Madonna's Give Me All Your Love leak (and her team's "response")

Let's make something clear before I even start: Madonna's still the ultimate queen of pop.

Well, that being said, let's focus on the topic of discussion: the leak of a demo version of Madge's new single Give Me All Your Love. It is supposed to be released in February and lead the forthcoming album's campaign. Well, let's be clear: even though it channels party-Madonna and 80s-influenced-Madonna, it's nowhere near the quality requested for the single opening a new era (then again we've had American Life and 4 Minutes in the past...).

Here it is:

The demo definitely has a Martin Solveig-esque feel (not surprising as he's one of the producers enlisted by the former leotard-wearing singer), but sounds pretty flat and boring. It would be OK as a b-side I guess. 
So hopefully it will all be reworked before the real version sees the light of day (gets leaked weeks ahead of the release). Remember what the demo for Beat Goes On sounded like (awful), and what the finished track turned up to be (good, or at least way better than anything else on Hard Candy). 

Finished track:

While I don't really give sh*t about that track (it's a good way to get everyone excited for new material), I'm pretty bummed by Madonna and her camp's reaction, expressed through her manager Guy Oseary's Twitter account earlier today.

Poor Guy really has a tough job speaking in the name of Madge every time something crap happens, and having to deal with the thousands of morons asking for a retweet.
Too bad his position on the matter is just stupid. If a demo leaked a such an early stage, it was most probably by someone pretty close to the recording sessions or the people involved in them. Plus demos rarely escape record labels and if they are ever submitted to them in the first place. So before you launch a little witch hunt party Guy, maybe have a look around, who knows?

Yes, the internet is a bad place where mean people try and ruin artists' lives, boo-ooh. What year is this? 1995? Unfortunately leaks have become almost impossible to avoid for major artists (minus Jay-Z/Kanye recently), so instead of whining about it on Twitter, maybe try and make the best out of it. By offering innovative and clever marketing and ideas, using the power of social networks to emulate the fanbase and keep people interested in the artist. And, since it's out there, listen to what people say about the song itself (my opinion: "not good enough, must do better", thanks for asking). 

Maybe that leak (regardless of the song's quality) is the best thing that could happen to Madonna to get people interested in her next album. And of course by that I'm not implying the leak was intentional and comes from her camp... Or maybe am I?

Now let's all listen to Ray Of Light and hope for better days. 

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Anonymous said...

I really like it cause it's Holy Moly Madge does it again & again & again!!! Back When.. Cross between The Go Go's & The Bangles!!! Smart Move again Girl...The world will eat it up again, she's still The Queen of 'You wouldn't know it cause I know where to look for it...' Fabulous Mad-donna, Good Taste & The Right Timing makes Good Art! At least they wouldn't accuse you & snob you of being retro. Can't wait to listen to the Final Cut.