Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[PLAYLIST] Some great songs for November

The DØ - Slippery Slope (Live at Studio Pigalle)

This is still one of my favorite songs of the past twelve months and this epic 8-minute version makes it even more beautiful and addictive. LØVE!

Little Mix - Don't Let Go

I would LOVE to see those girls win the X Factor this year (except if Misha does), not only because a girl band would be put right in front of the British record-buying public like it's 2002 all over again (Girls Aloud!), but also because they performed one of my favorite songs ever. And what a good performance! You go girls.

Emilie Simon - Mon Chevalier

A beautiful love song by one of France's most interesting female artists, taken for her equally good forthcoming album out on December 5th. 

Florence And The Machine - Lover To Lover

Florence seems to be suffering some harsh comments from the press (the French one at least) with her new album Ceremonials, but I'm among those who find it epic, exciting and generally wonderful. This track is a big song that give a great peek of what to expect from the record. 

Jenifer - L'amour Fou (Remix by Mr. Waltmann)

A clever and super efficient reworking of Jenifer's new single, taken from her 2010 unfairly unsuccessful LP Appelle-Moi Jen. Clearly worth a purchase, and shameless repeated plays.

Kelly Clarkson - What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)

While the rest of the album is pretty generic and generally unsurprising, this second single (after the quite good Mr. Know It All) has "hit" written all over. Good power pop just as Kelly knows it.

Little Boots - Shake

One of my favorite acts of 2009 is finally back with what seems to be a buzz track from a forthcoming album. So not a real single. Yet it's everything that's good about Victoria. Can't wait for what's to come!

The Saturdays - My Heart Takes Over Remix

Is spite of their album being an authentic crapfest and the "proper" version of the single not being the right one, the girlband we like until Little Mix win the X Factor have good mix of said single. It's a bit more electro, and kind of makes up for the fact they will never make a better song than Higher.

Charlie Winston - Hello Alone

Anyone who liked Charlie's first album will like the new one Running Still, as will those who were not too keen on it. It's a beautiful record that showcases strong songwriting skills and genius interpretation. First single Hello Alone is a good proof of that. Addictive stuff. 

Feist - How Come You Never Go There (Clock Opera Remix)

I love the original version that is on the genrally splendid album Metals, but this remix by my beloved Clock Opera takes it to a whole other level. Excellent work!

The Sound Of Arrows - Wonders

A song that's true to its title! I've been waiting for the Sounds' album for almost three years and boy I'm not disappointed. It's pure pop brilliance, with mazing melodies, anthemic choruses and powerful atmospheres. This song is just an example of how fantastic this band is.

The Wanted - Warzone

I HAD to feature the new single by that boyband I ALMOST joined a few weeks ago (read my interview soon to find out). While this song is nowhere near the amazingess of Lose My Mind, it does the job. Plus, there's Max in the video.

Oh My! - Dirty Dancer

My second favorite 2-piece girlband of the year (right after War Of Words) have another great single on their hands! It might not be as addictive as the previous one, it's still way above anything on the latest Saturdays album. Keep an eye on these ones.

Penguin Prison - Golden Train (acoustic)

I tend to think a great song can be played acoustically as well as with a full band and still remain awesome. That's the case with Chris Glover's hell of a track. We shot this version with my dear friends from 3ème Gauche a fe weeks ago in Paris, right after a huge rainstorm that made everything a little more poetic. Great memory.

Brigitte - Coeur de Chewing-Gum


Good thing I can't get enough of the girl's debut album (surely there must be a trend about 2-piece girlbands these days) because it keeps on giving! This new single might not be their best, but the video is cheeky, sexy and deliciously retro. Thumbs up! 

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